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                       Im very sorry to say this to everyone, but i have quit ArmorGames untill further notice.  As you might have noticed i used to be rank 62 and now am rank 200-300.  You all were great friends and all but it's time to move on.  Also thanks for the 9 merits, I didn't even know i did anything.  Peace :)


       I have some suggestions for anyone reading this.
-Have a merit system for forums.
-Any comments that are shorter then ten words are automatically deleted.
-Being able to edit your own comments/posts.
-Having a better search engine for games.  Example: I click on shooting>i come to an A-B-C chart>i click on g>I see games with a g.  If that's to complicated just make it so you click on shooting and theres another place to type what game in shooting you'd like to search.
-Have an online/offline button under our names/armatars.
-Being able to pick your top 6 Favorite games/Friends.

           -Wished for points chart-
Profile comments-0Ap*
Forum posts-2Ap*
Game comments-2Ap*
Rating games-2Ap*
Game submittion-25Ap*

                       About  Me
              First of all.  I'm an 8th grade student.  I am from Indiana.  My name is Alex.  I'm trying to make this thing organized :P.  Bare with me.  I've heard many times i'm the funniest kid in middle school.  I am in a relationship for all who actually care about that kind of stuff.  I love flash games and www.hotpinkgames.com and www.armorgames.com got me into them.  I also really like classic rock, alternative, Christian rock, some other rock,  and Music in Motion music.  I do not tolerate SpAm.  It will be deleted and reported to S.H.O.P.S.  Everyone I am a Christian!  Amen.
    This about is new and improved!   Hope you got to know me a little better.  xD.

                    Favorite Games
-Last stand
-Free rider 2
-Age of war
-Serious santa
-Crazy flasher series
-Thing-Thing series
-John's games are the best
-Shift series
                          If there is any questions or anything i can help you with,  ASK!
         Thanks guys!  Bye!
Starscreamer- The Master of All Free Rider 2 Maps.  He has won my Free Rider 2 map competition.  xD.  He's ruler in my book.

Have a really good Free Rider 1-2 map you want to show off?  Send it here.  I'll be glad to test them for you.

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