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I am back and better than ever!!!
you have been warned.
Long exposure to awesomeness may cause spontaneous combustion. beware.

yes, it's true, we have no bananas! and i love bananas!! just ask XSilentPhantomX, he'll tell you all about it. (no he is not really a silent phantom) XD
i like to eat cupcakes though not as much as bananas. my perticular favorite is.... BANANA CUPCAKES. did u know that was coming?
R.I.P: little buddy.(yes, little buddy was my SQUIRREL friend that died.) he was a little twitchy and not all there in 'da head, but i loved him. come to think about it he was a little weird. yeah, he lost a paw and a leg, maybe an eye or two, but i still love him! who wouldnt? of course that person would be loving a dead squirrel but, as you can see little buddy was special.

"It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.
A famous man said that once, he died. He was famous for dying, not the quote actually."

if anyone actually knows what a masseuse is please tell me.

"I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose."(this doesnt happen often!!)

♫Music - bacobit
For every sixty seconds of anger, you lose sixty seconds of happiness"
dont worry be happy!!!! (and eat a banana while your at it)

The Answer To evrything is simply banana.
"what is 2 plus 2?" "BANANA"

"what should you do if your house catches on fire?" "EAT A BANANA!!"

"what are the things on the end of my hands?" "BANANAS!!"
see? try it sometime!

"Logic will get you from A to B...
Imagination will take you everywhere..."

i am veerrrry afraid of cthulhu.........

here is a little poem by my very good friend MrPockets. here goes..

MrPockets thinks grapples
are grapes and apples...

thanks MrPockets!!

Now here is a long poem by MrPockets
MrPockets says

"It will never forgive
It will never forget
A destructive plow of black hatred
A cloud of red
It will destroy anything its path
Until my wrong is righted
Then it will go away
Sometimes slowly
Sometimes quickly
But my anger will remain
Until my revenge is done"

I'm sorry if i do not respond right away. it might be a day before i do.
i do eventually respond to every comment!

I would just like to say.....I DID NOT ASK TO LICK ANY BANANAS.
thanks for reading. add me!

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