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Skip my About Call me "val", always. Never "valboss" or "Valboss84" or anything else. I've been a guitarist for 3 years. _______________________________ _______________________________ ♣♠GAMES♥♦ I'm a great fan of Crush the Castle 2, CTC2 Player's Pack and Toss the Turtle. Check the links below and let some comments: Crush the Castle 2 Player's Pack: THE GAME Crush the Castle 2 Player's Pack thread Ideas and Suggestions for Crush the Castle 3 Guide: How to modify castles codes in Crush the Castle 2 (Player's Pack)? CTC2 -Share your favorite castles Castles scores estimations on CTC2 PP Some of my castles from CTC2 PP: Real monuments: CATHEDRAL OF NOTRE-DAME WESTMINSTER PARLIAMENT CLASSIC ART THEATER TRIUMPH ARCH OF ORANGE WHITE HOUSE TERRORISM The TOWER BRIDGE The WASHINGTON CAPITOL The RIALTO BRIDGE TWIN TOWERS 9/11 FAMOUS N.Y BUILDINGS CHENONCEAU CASTLE Artistic castles: SHIFT 2 - THE KING SUPER STARS - MARIO BROS LEARN TO FLY 2 HANDS UP, TOADS! CRAZY SNAILS RUN KIRBY EPIC SHOT AG EMBLEMS WHAT A SHOTGUN! KOOPAS ATTACK 3 GIANT GUARDS MARIO'S HEAD BOO CATCH THE ROYALS COMPUTER REPAIRER KILLED SAVE THE PANDAS - WWF THIS IS IKE'S SWORD! DON'T RIDE MY BIKE! 2 GIANT KNIGHTS DRAGON FROM SIBERIA DRILL THE MOUNTAIN KING GIANT COPTER COLORED BALLS PYRAMIDE CHAIN CHOMP UNLEASHED AIRPLANE FOR TIMESTABLES THAT'S MY GUITAR!! DON'T BREAK MY MOBILE! Chain reactions: ROYAL HARD SYSTEM IT'S THE QUEEN'S FAULT SUICIDAL GAME ROLL STRAIGHT FOR DOMINO DIE, TYRANNICAL COUPLE THE QUEEN'S VENGEANCE MY BETTER CHAIN REACTION SHOOT THE WHOLE FAMILY REMOTE BOMB GONE BAD THE FIRE IS THE BEST THE LAST SHOW TRIBUTE TO ARMOR GAMES CLEVER CATAPULT ARE YOU SURE IT'S OKAY? UNLUCKY EVENT SURPRISE, LAZY KING! PERFECT DEATH SHOOT DURING THEIR FALL MINE DEMOLITION KILLED BY HIS JESTER MY BEST CHAIN REACTION 45 SECONDS TO DEATH THE LAST JUMP CATAPULTS GAME ONLY THE STONE'S FAULT MADE BY A CLEVER GUY _______________________________ Toss the Turtle :THE GAME Toss the Turtle for greats players _______________________________ _______________________________ ♫ MUSIC ♫ I'm a great fan of Led Zeppelin, I think they are the greatest group ever. My favorites songs are: 1. Black Dog 2. The Rain Song 3. Stairway to Heaven 4. Thank you (live version) 5. Rock and Roll 6. Since I've Been Loving You 7. Going to California 8. Heartbreaker 9. The Song Remains the Same 10. In my Time of Dying If someone love this music too, check my thread. Led Zeppelin discussion Black Dog Misty Mountain Hop Down by the SeaSide I really love Deep Purple too, and here are my favorite songs of them: 1. Child in Time (Made in Japan) 2. Highway Star 3. Lazy 4. Strange Kind of Wowan 5. Smoke on the Water 6. Space Truckin' 7. Black Night 8. Fireball 9. Pictures of Home 10. Slow Train __________________ What's the most beautiful song for you? I've recently discovered that, it's a great guitarist who covers famous songs: Igor Presnyakov - Acoustic covers _______________________________ Films: My favorite genres are: action, disaster films, and westerns! If you like this one, check the thread blow. Western films thread _______________________________ Goals: 100 games rated: (X) 500 games rated: (X) 1000 games rated: (X) 2000 games rated: ( ) 100 comments: (X) 500 comments: (X) 1000 comments: (X) 2000 comments: (X) 100 forum posts: (X) 500 forum posts: (X) 1000 forum posts: (X) 2000 forum posts: ( ) 1st merit: (X) 5 merits: ( ) 10 merits: ( ) 25 merits: ( ) Max Ap earning in 1 day: 274 AP, on 7/1/2011 _______________________________ All games of AG _______________________________ The games rated 10/10 by me: Crush the Castle 2 Crush the Castle 2 Players' Pack Crush the Castle TD Toss the Turtle Epic Combo Sushi Cat 2 Exit Path Upgrade Complete Canyon Defense

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