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I am a member of DaLegend Clan We are recruiting new members so i would be more than happy if you would like to join. I am looking for experienced and close members to give a higher rank but anyone may join. This is a free community so i am welcoming everyone. You do not have to have 'DaLegend' in your name. This Clan was created for fun on 20/12/2011. DaLegend Clan: [Control[/b] - LucasDaLegend Commander in Chief - MarcusDaLegend Major - Sengokura (My AG Brother) Member - Seashark001 Member - ShockwaveOP Chief - jsalmeron Specialist - Marcos222 Soldier - sugarbean Member - Agrus Member - timmie7474 Soldier - AequitasBU Warrior - numino Specialist - ponyo97 Member - squirrelmaster0282 Member - Peter0227 Specialist - Roccess Warrior - NecroSRB Soldier - wolfnight14 Member - Matt1251 Member - glaceonex23 1st Lieutenant - Darktroop07 Warrior - daleks Member - Skyulas Member - bladerunner679 Soldier - SubZero007 Officer - Schmiddy1234 Specialist - leonardstyle95 Member - PerryKid Member - kklitze Specialist - Zeus01 Soldier - cclan2 Specialist - JeffK3 Member - matthew313131 Member - derek13756 Soldier - TheSuperSaiyan1 Member - light_chaser Warrior - dragasto Member - TheFlash6 Soldier - Mvp1234 Soldier - NarutoAwesomeness28 Soldier - jayjay9 Soldier - Evilfishy111 Member - narutospark Member - nguyenakabop Member - legoman228 Member - sk8ertrevor99 Member - soccerdude2 Member - exitpathuser Member - CommanderBrenden Member - ngng10 Member - omarzocco Member - Television Member - N0Nickname Member - killermandude Member - ImTheMostManlyMan Member - 22Secro22 Member - Def_band_name Member - s9b1 Member - L0rdDrag0 Member - Major101 Member - SoulSRB Member - fman22 Member - MetalHeart Member - Wackysox198 There is also a clan chat at: DaLegendClanChat ________________________________________________________ If you are interested here are the clan ranks: Clan Control Vice Clan Control Admiral Vice Admiral Commander in Chief Vice Commander in Chief Titan GodFather General Master Colonel Major Captain Commander Chief 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Ninja Officer Warrior Specialist Soldier Member ------------------------------------------------------------ To rank up in the clan you can: Help the clan, get new members in the clan, be active at Armor Games, help the new members of the clan

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