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  • XBOX Live: very cool
  • Wii: its all right
  • PSN: it rocks
  • SteamID: wtf


the only way u can comtact me is by my email address its [email protected]
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hi  if u go to liltower11 prolfile he will say something about a 4 wheeler its mine and we did some thing so stupied we jumped over each other on it it was scary we wernt ut we did once we didnt we wernt scared any more after all that we had a victory laugh he jumped the ramp again and crashed into shruds vines and all sorts of stuff but when he fell off we started to laugh even though he got heart we still keeped on laughing we almost of laughter then we watvhed this movie call ed (meet the spartans ) its pretty messed up but it was so funny we were laughing so hard when it ended. We also have airsoft guns he has a shotgun and some other ones i have 3 airsoft gun and 1 paintball gun i have an m16,pistol,shothgun, and thats all im tring to get more o i also so have 2 pealutguns one has 1000 fps and the other one has  700 fps there both good but my favorite one is the 1000 fps one it has a scope and looks like a sniper rifel.I also have a xbox360 when liltower11 came over to my house we played it we played this game called forza motorsports 2 als so for short fm2 we had so much fun playing that game  we got this really nice looking its our fates one right now i also showed him one of my favorite games but one i coudnt show him it was halo2 but anyway i got to show him bards tale its a fun game its almost like ruin scape only a bit differnt o we have know each other ever since we were 1 ₪☻| Dessert Eagle 500 AP
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fav sports
fav bands
thick as blood
bulley for my valentine
lil wayne
drowing pool
breaking benjamin
linkin park
simple plan
blue october
¨°º¤ø„¸ linkin park ¸„ø¤º°¨
¸„ø¤º°¨ ownzz!!!!!!!`°º¤ø„¸

¨°º¤ø„¸Linkin Park¸„ø¤º°¨
¸„ø¤º°¨is a legend``°º¤ø„¸
theres more alot more
fav dogs
sabirian huskeys
sheep dogs
golden retrever
and some other ones
air soft
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water boy
pirate of the carribeain
the simpsions movie
there r a bunch more
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-18 1i -18 k -a k -a 1i -18 1i,-8o -de -8o -e2 -8e -e2,4m d4 4m de 3o de 3o cq,84 cq 84 d4 84 de 7g de,7q i4 7q io 8o io 8o i4,aa no aa oc b8 oc b8 o2,fk io fk j2 g8 j2 gi j2 gi io,k0 r6 k0 rg j2 rg j2 r6,jc 10g -148 10g,14i 10g 19i se 156 10g,19i se 198 10g,148 10g 19i so,13u 10g 19i t2,13k 10g 19i tc,13a 10g 19i tm,130 10g 19i u0,12m 10g 19i ua,12c 10g 19i uk,122 10g 19i uu,11o 10g 19i v8,11e 10g 19i vi,10q 10g 114 10g,18u 10g 19i se 14s 10g,18k 10g 19i se,18a 10g 19i se,180 10g 19i se,17m 10g 19i se,17c 10g 19i se,172 10g 19i se,16o 10g 19i se,16e 10g 19i se,164 10g 19i se,15q 10g 19i se,15g 10g 19i se,19i vs 10g 10g,20m ne 21a ne 21a mq,19i 10g 19i se,19i 106 106 10g,19i 10g 76 10g,19i 10g 1nu 10g 1oi 10g 1oi 12c 1pq 12c,1oi 10g 1os 12c,1oi 10q 1p6 12c,1oi 114 1pg 12c,1oi 11e 1pg 12c,1oi 11o 1pq 12c,1oi 122 1q4 12c,25c 12c 1oi 12c,25c 12c 2je 12c,2q2 167 2qa 16n 2qn 176 2r8 17j 2rp 17u 2se 189 2t5 18j 2tu 18s 2um 196 2vg 19e 30a 19m 315 19t 322 1a5 32v 1ab 33t 1ai 34o 1an 35l 1as 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