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If you really wana know about me, just talk to me >.> I'm practicly a open book :P and yea thats all ima put, bai~ maybe i shall add more informations aboue me-selfs some other timez so i decided to write a little more, so uhhhmmm....ermmm....uhh.. okay. I naturaly hate a lot of people after i meet them because the people that live around me arnt the trust worthy type, so if i dont know you your neutral to me.....i already feel like this "biography " of me is gona be a complete mess :P so uh something something bla bla bla i like to run a lot , cuz to me its fun plus i have nothing else to do with the incredible amount of energy i have >.> i am a very weird persons, i like to think there are diffrent types of weird from normal weird to like *cough cough* sexual weird, or crazy weird, or just plain weird,ect,ect. i feel like im most of them combined, maybe thats why im such a complicated person >.> i like nintendo.i had my first nintendo 64 when i was 2 , thats right 2! i like xbox and play station but for me nintendo takes the cake :P i hear all types of music....ugh now im hungry >.< i dont wana do this anymore im to tired to keep going...or i guess ill keep going for a little more :P i'e always wanted to go to a place where there is snow , it never snows where i live T~T i like to hike becuase hiking is fun. A lot of my freinds say im dirty minded, i like to think of it as being "creative" tho :P , and i like to pass most of my time playing video games (I play TF2 all day now, so if you play you know.... send me an invite or msg me ;D *wink wink*) and watching anime (cuz its awesome and i love it, my favorite one is sword art online :3

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