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IMPORTANT:WOLF CLAN HAS A SITE, ITS WOLFCLANSSITE.YOLASITE.COM!/contact-us.php i have many game ideas but not sure how to make games help me pleas. Hey guys, you all know how it feels when you're talking to some one
online, and your mom is standing right behind you, reading every word that
appears on the screen.
Then, of course, the person might swear or talks about how much they love
you, or they're your crush or something and your mom reads it and tells you
to get offline that instant and not talk to that person anymore.
Well, what can we do about that?
To solve this problem, we have now started the 'code 9' system.
In code 9, you simply type the number '9' when your parent or sibling is
watching over your shoulder as you type.
The person you're talking to will know what you're talking about, and start
a conversation on homework or something.
When your parent or sibling leaves, type '99' to let the person know that
they are gone, so you can begin a normal conversation again. heres my game ideas. 1 extream forest bikeing well its a game whare there is a costimisible bike and u must race tru this forest and get to the other side before time runs out u can get upgrades but u must try not to wipe out or yull start from the checkpoint that u last passed its also a multiplayer game whare u can race others to see who is the fastest. 2 dino areana thats a game whare at the begining of the game u buy a dinosaur of three choises, tricaratops, stegasouras, and comthingnatios. after that u can fighit other people. (by the way comthingnatios is a carnavor and looks like a rapter with shorter claws tho and also comthingnatios would be the fastist one of the three tricaratops would be the strongest and stegasouras would have the best defense of the three. theres stats also but they are alwas the same but u can buy more dinos.) the more u win the more money u get. the dinos get specail abbilatis like comthignatios would have pack wich gives them a com comthignatios. as an exampal u can choose the color of your dino. 3. ultimite capture the flag. this is a game of capure the flag......with a deadly twist. you get a choise of wepons to kill the enemy and the team leaders get to make a fort for your team. you choose three of 6 wepons. when you do get killed your sent back to the middle of your fort (your team leader has to build around this and not ontop of it) the wepon chois is a staf (dosent do very much damede but makes you jump higher) katanas aka japonease sowrds (if you choose this you pull 2 out at the same time) ak-47, mini gun, a pistol, and a flamethrower.
4 cat wars pic your cat and train it in this multiplayer cat battle you do not controle your cat but you can train is strength, speed, stanima also you can choose the cats color and get more cats on your team. get your freinds help and team up on your enimy in team battle mode. thats it!

for now... and join the wolf clan in colony rules obay or your not in the clan! 1. you have to not be a guest 2. you have to not hack or glich unless countering

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