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Well hello there, I'm your friendly neighborhood Elk/moose/deer/thing, please don't hit me with your car :P
So I guess I should put things about myself here.

Names: W , Wa-flag , Wflag , flag , Waffle ,10.

Likes: Video Games, Reading, Computers, and popcorn.

Dislikes: Spammers. People who are not willing to open their mind to logic.

Favorite Video Game: Fallout 3, through Oblivion and Skyrim are very close. New Vegas was ok, but not as good as those three.

Favorite book series: Harry Potter.

Members- Too lazy to write out a list of all of them now.

/Deal with it.

Current account for alliance:

----AA     AA----
--AA           AA--
-AA              AA-
AA                 AAtheist!

I'll update my profile again sometimes, that's really all I can think about myself right now.

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