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I have some tips for new players "how to save money with this raid system": 1) before you can afford real strong garrison - spend your money as quick as you can %) 2) get many friends and collect gift-mails, but dont forget about royal mail bug (dont have more than 100 mails or it will be broken) 3) collect resourses and natural elements, you can always sell em for gold. you can easy get a lot of em from raiding profitable garrisons from friend list. add mine for example %) 4) make gold rewarded quests all over the map but dont collect the reward. you can collect it when needed 5) there is a small time lag between the moment you get money and the moment when it became accessible for raiders to steal. 5-10 minutes. so you can collect all of your stashed money and spend it on smthng 6) if you need big money then find rich garrison to raid or duel other players with "rune of health" p.s. when you begin your duel with other player, first of all hit right mouse button and see the lvl of opponents troops. if you see 15 lvl or so then hit "run away" button (its active only at the beginning of the duel).

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