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No, Seriously. What's a SteamID?

Ok, About me. I'm a fencer, homeschooler, and a Pastafarian. Yes, I believe in The Flying Spaghetti monster. Have you been touched by his noodley appendage?


If you have something in common with me, or just feel like talking to someone, or if you want some points from posts, just leave a message and I'll talk to you.

Spamming, flaming, and trolling in my profile is not only frowned upon and reported, it is also deleted. If you aren't spamming and post on my profile, I will keep your post there forever, making the AP permanent. So when the AG apocalypse comes and everyone deletes everyone elses posts to bring their points down, you know you'll have a starting foothold to climb back up the AG ladder. :-P


If you have a really good FR2 track, post it on my profile, and if it's good enough, I'll put it in my Hall of Fame.
If I find any other good ones while I'm roaming around the forums, I'll put it here too. There will only be three spots in my Hall of Fame, so it doesn't get too long.

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