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Im a Gamer that Plays the drums

Check out my awesome free rider 2 track. It will probaly take someone skilled to beat it, so only try if you don't mind losing :P
You can get to the game by clicking on it in my favorites, then when the game starts, click load then paste this code into the box

-18 1i 18 1i,-19 1h -58 1h,17 1i 47 1h 47 1a,-57 1h -65 1e -6f -8s,-6a -62 2v -60,pj -3 p4 d6,p2 d3 12t da,p6 cv pv bk qe cs,qh cs qm bk qr cs r2 bi r7 cl rf bi rm cd rp bf s3 cg,s3 cg sa bi si ci si bk t3 cl t6 bn,t8 bs ti ci tq bn tq cd,u9 c1 ue bi,u1 bu tn cl,ts cg uv bn vm cd v7 bs,ts c8 u6 bn,u6 c3 ug bd,ug cn ug bi,uq cg uq bd,uo bi v4 cd,uv bk v9 cg,v9 bu v7 cn,v9 bn ve ci,vj bs vm cb,vm bf 10c c8,vo bk vo c6,107 c3 107 b5 10h c3 10m ba,10p b8 10m bu 113 b8 11k c1,11i c1 11k ba 11u bu 126 b3 12b bs,q2 c6 q2 bs,q9 bi q4 cg,pq bk pq c8,pj bk pg cb,p9 bp p9 cb,vt c3 10u cl,113 cd vo cd,vo c8 113 cl,110 c3 10p cd,10m bp 10c cg,102 bi 102 cb,vm ba vm cg,v9 bk v4 cb tg cb,uo bk uj c3,u4 bk u1 bu,tl bk ti c1,tb c1 t1 cg,sn c3 sk c6,sd bp sd c8 t8 cl uo ci,rp ba rp c3,rk bi rh bs,r5 bi r2 bs,r0 bn r0 c6,r0 bn rh c1,rp bp s0 c1,s0 bp s3 c8,s5 bu rc cl ru cl,rh cg t8 cg,t8 cg sa cb ut cb,tb cb ub cn,ue ci v4 bp,v2 bp v4 cq 105 ci,113 c3 11k cn,11u c1 10r cd,11a c8 vo cg,vr c8 115 cn,11i cv 12i d9,12n cl 11d c3,11p bi 10p cl,11k c3 102 c6,u1 cb sd c6,vc ci uv cl,u4 cl u1 cl,12b bk 12b b5,12d b5 12q bs 12v b5,eg 29 h7 27 jd 29 pj -2,12t 13 1ab u,q2 ce qe br qi c7 qm c3 r6 cj,or 5t og dq 13e dt 13f 5u,13u ei nt e7 o4 5s,nc 5p n3 f3 14q fe 14l 5s,1a9 t 1gs m 1gu 51 1qf 4s,1hq m 1ig m,1jb o 1k0 o,1ko o 1l5 o,1ls q 1n8 q,1nt q 1om t,1p5 t 1pp v,1pk u 1ql 13,1qk 11 1qe 4r,1qj 11 1u7 1n 1uu 1u 1vj 29,1vi 28 203 2s 20f 3j 20q 4b 214 56 21b 5v 21h 6s 21n 7p 21v 8o 228 9k 22o ad 23i b2 24e bk 25f c3 26d ce 27b cn 28a cu 297 d2 2a5 d3 2b2 d3 2c0 cu 2cq co 2dh cg 2e7 c5 2es bn,2es bm 2hh 9m 2n7 9j,2n7 9k 31d 9g 32n -ff,2jg 9t 2jg av,2jg 9t 2k0 9t 2k0 aa 2ji aa,2jv a9 2k1 av,2kc 9v 2kc a4,2kb aa 2kb as,2kq aa 2kh aa 2ki ap 2kr ap 2kq 9v,2l2 af 2la af 2l9 a6 2l2 a6 2l2 am 2lc am,2m0 aa 2m1 ap 2md ap,2me an 2md a9 2m2 aa,2ml am 2mk a9 2mr aj 2mr a9,2nf a3 2nf aq,2n9 af 2nn ag 2nv ag 2nv ap,2nm a5 2nn aq,2o4 ah 2oa ah,2oa ag 2oa ac 2o4 ab 2o4 an 2oc an,2or a2 2oq an,2oq a1 2p8 a1 2p7 aa 2p9 an,2p7 aa 2or aa,2pd aj 2pd a9 2pj aa 2pj ah 2pc ai,2pn a9 2pm aj 2pv ai 2pu a9,2pu a8 2po a9,2q3 af 2q5 9t 2qh 9t,2q4 a7 2q9 a6,329 -8b 2ie -89,1l2 -f6 1b5 -fc,1l3 -f7 1l3 -no 1s4 -nl 1sg -dh,1ln -ng 1lk -md,1m3 -nb 1m6 -mg,1mg -ne 1md -mi,1ml -n9 1ml -mi,1mv -nb 1ms -mg,1nb -ng 1nb -mq,1no -ne 1no -mn,1o2 -ng 1o4 -mq,1oe -nb 1oe -ml,1oo -n6 1om -ml,1p7 -ng 1p7 -mn,1ph -n6 1pk -ml,1pr -n6 1pr -mg,1q8 -n9 1qa -mi,1qu -nb 1qu -mg,1r8 -n9 1rb -mn,1ri -n6 1ri -md,1rv -n9 1rv -mq,1ah -fc 19e -fc,18o -fa 17l -fa,176 -fa 160 -fa,152 -fa 13q -f7,136 -fa 126 -fa,11i -fa vr -fc pb -fu,11f -fa 11n -kf 1b8 -kh 1b5 -fk,8s -71 2u -5u,46 19 7t 1h b4 1q ef 27,12u 13 12u db,141 60 13s ee,2fe -90 2aq -fa 2a9 -fs 29d -gd 28n -gq 27u -h6 270 -h9 269 -hb 25l -hb 23i -gq 1sj -dm,pa -fv ln -g7,ll -g8 hj -hn f3 -j7 d2 -la bb -nj 90 -q5 46 -uq 2k -vt 1f -10c 9 -10k,9 -10l -2t -10s -55 -10n -76 -vu -8r -v0,-8s -v0 -at -tq,-as -tr -c8 -sr -d9 -s3,-d9 -s6 -dd -154,-df -154 -vu -151,-106 -154 -19h -152,-fk 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2pl eg 2qf eg,2qg eg 2sq ed,2so ec 2ua ea 2v5 e6,2v5 e5 33g dv,33i dv 38c du,38d dt 38t -m5,38t -m4 2o5 -mc,2o4 -mb 2nu -kg,1e6 hr 1fl ho 1i8 he 1li gt,1lj gq 1sr gc,1su gb 24l i4,24l i2 278 i1 28g hp 291 hf 29k gu 2ad g6,2ig -89 2hr -8c,2hp -8c 2gd -8g 2fi -8v,2fh -8v 2fd -92,2hu -8d 2hc -8f,27u -h9 1s5 -nl,1l4 -nn 1c8 -ls,1bk -lr 19q -kl,11m -kf 11o -l6 14d -kg,rm -jl re -fu,rl -jk li -jt,lh -jt lj -gb,ld -jr i5 -k9 hj -ks gv -la fq -m7,ca -op ap -pv,am -q0 2b -11i,2d -11k -4c -13i -dd -153,-17q -15c -17q -153,-17q -15h -17q -157,-17r -15f -16r -157 -16h -153,-23m -154 -24s -15d -24s -14v,-29j -151 -2fh -vq,2to -dp 2tn -cp,2to -dp 2u9 -do,2u8 -do 2u6 -dc 2tp -de,2ud -cr 2ud -d3,2ue -d3 2ul -d3,2uq -d0 2v3 -d0 2v3 -d9 2ur -d9 2uq -cr 2v3 -cr,2vh -d9 2vc -d9 2vc -d2 2vi -d1 2vh -cr 2v9 -cs,2vs -d9 2vl -d9 2vl -d3 2vt -d3 2vs -cs 2vm -cs,2ub -c8 2va -c7 2ug -bc 2vg -bd,fo -m8 c7 -oq#lf jg lm j0 lv jd m9 j1 mm jc mo j3 mr jd mv j4 n9 jc nb j3 nq je,nq jd nu j3 od je oc h4#G 2u3 8r b8,T -2if -10g,G 2rp -m2 5r,G 34a dq b8,G -3oc -kl 5g,O -25k -14s,O -28t -14k,O -27q -14i,O -27b -14i,O -266 -14i,O -24r -14i,O -242 -14i,O -22q -14k,O -1vr -14f,O -21n -14f,O -20k -14f,O -1tb -14d,O -1va -14d,O -1sl -14d,O -1rp -14a,O -1u2 -14a,O -1r8 -14a,O -1km -14a,O -1q0 -148,O -1oq -148,O -1nv -148,O -1md -148,O -1lm -148,O -1jj -148,O -1j1 -148,O -1hd -148,O -1gc -148,O -1ft -148,O -1f9 -148,O -1ee -148,O -1dg -148,O -1c3 -145,O -1b0 -14k,O -19g -14n,B -bs -sn 71,B -bv -sf 7n,B -c1 -sk 77,O -18l -14c,O -17d -149,O -163 -149,O -150 -149,O -13j -149,O -11p -149,O -10f -144,O -dn -142,O -ej -142,O -ft -13v,O -hd -144,O -ib -144,O -jj -142,O -l2 -144,O -mn -13v,O -ob -13v,O -q0 -13v,O -rn -144,O -tq -144,O -v5 -13v,B -ce -s9 78,O 1ak -k2,O 197 -k2,O 17i -k2,O 15r -jt,O 13q -jt,O 126 -jr,O 1ne -m6,O 1ls -m6,O 1pa -m1,O 1rg -lu,O 1iv 4f,O 1kf 4e,O 1lt 4e,O 1nj 4f,O 1p3 4e,O 1q9 4k,O 1h5 4n,B tu 3o 5f,B ts 40 5k,B tk 46 5g,B ta 47 5b,B t7 4v 5f,B sq 4c 5e,B sm 3v 5f,B s0 43 50,B rn 46 50,B q2 47 46,B q9 44 4d,B qj 44 4e,B qr 41 4d,B ra 46 4a,B rn 3u 4t,B sd 3t 5d,B ta 3v 5a,B ub 4a 5k,B v0 48 58,B vo 3f 5l,B 10b 3n 69,B 11c 3l 6g,B 127 3v 6n,B 12k 3r 6b,B 11q 3l 5k,B 11l 3m 69,B 12e 3i 68,B 123 3f 64,B 11a 3j 66,B 110 3h 60,B 10h 3g 5o,B 103 3k 5k,B vp 3i 5e,B v7 3k 5k,B vc 3k 5j,B uq 3o 5i,B uc 3p 5g,B u4 3q 5k,B tn 3s 5d,B td 3t 5k,B t3 40 5a,B sp 40 5f,B sb 3v 5f,B rr 40 59,B rd 3v 52,B r2 40 5k,B qk 3v 5o,B qa 3t 5q,B q0 3p 5k,B pm 3v 5k

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