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------------I have been reborn!--------------

Soooo I am back! Even though I really doubt more than 3 people will remember me when I come back, I suddenly dissapeared. Why would I suddenly "die"??? Might as well tell the thruth, I suppose. Mainly it was because I got "bored" lets say, about hosting the RPG. Even though I came back I am not going to host it, it has now been forgotten, and I will leave it like that.

Edit (feb 25,12): Welp, yet again took a long break, and I can foresee my stays at AG being like this. I now look back at the RPG I used to host and have some very fond memories of it. Now I write this as if it were a diary, probably because it mostly will go unread.

Pretty much your average Joe, my main language is not English, so please forgive me for any weird looking sentences or poorly written answers. I am the maker of "Evolve!RPG" game in the Forum Games categorie of AG. I have been around here since a long time ago, and am not very active aside from in the AG Forum Games. I also am normally very energetic and happy guy, however I am also kind of a nerd and lately been very busy in school, might not be able to be as active as I would want to.


EvolveRPG: http://armorgames.com/community/thread/7065852/evolve-rpg (NO LONGER UPDATED)

------------------Ppl I "know"-------------------

Aedalus: Younger brother (He quit AG though)

Jetcord: Cool friend, also for being an awesome player in my game, thx for showing so much interest!

Gamer6013: Because we were the coolest duo in that zombie survival RPG (you probably dont remember anymore though u_u)
"And in the end, no one learned a thing"

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