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Call me Kashi

I am a teenager (♂) who enjoys games, especially on this site, as well as other entertaining and interactive games. Not only do the games give me the boost of interest, but computers themselves do as well due to the fact of how I like technology operates. Therefore, I think it's fun to learn more about the technology I'm experiencing while having the interactive and entertaining fun at the same time. Currently, I am really into Crush the Castle, Crush the Castle Player's Pack, Crush the Castle 2, Crush the Castle 2 Player's Pack, and Crush the Castle TD. Another game I am really into that is not in the Crush the Castle series is Flight. I enjoy playing that game because it is a fun and simple game with many features that makes the game interactive and enjoyable.


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Some Castles I Have Created:

Ancient Crystal Temple
Drop Fire and Ignite Death
They Get Fired With Tank
Perform Robot Prototypes
The Tundra Defense 4
Zero Gravity Land
The Assassins Hideout
Volcanic Rim Castle
Annual Jester Wheel Day
The Supreme Domino Kashi
Guard Tower Fall Down
Breaking Barriers
Wizards Really Had It
Stoneball Madness
The Spike Fantasy Land
The Poor Base Tavern
Gravestones Are Alive!
Execution Failed Shot
Domino's Pizza
Telescope Malfunction
Double Domino Cannon
Golden Gates Perimeter
The Fire Factory
Double Pistol
Downriver Harbor
Pandemic Acid
The Fireworks Cannon
Firehouse Magic
The Wood Monster!
Lets Roll and Smash King
Avenging Ice Huts
Jester's Gym Session
Rollercoaster & Dominoes
On the Watch Castle
Nicely Built Apartments
Volcano Wallpaper Castle
Planetary Devastation
Volcano Watch Towers
Fatalistic Construct
Giant Weary Combatants
The Buoyant Bastille
Bakuton Blades
Roll The Dice!
Puppet Soul Blades
Imperial Cast Setinels
House With Cheap Chimney
Happy Birthday SSTG!
My 200th Castle Creation
The Snowflake Mania

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