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Weapons Code: Outcome First Item(s) Second Item(s) Shank* Iron Hide Wooden Sword 3X Wood Stone Titan Scimitar Scimitar(Shop) Sapphire Globe Dartanian Sword* Piercer(Shop) Emerald Globe Regal Sword Milita Sword Leather Scholar** Regal Sword Sorcerer’s Sapphire Apprentice Wand* Stick(Shop) Sapphire Shard Imp Branche Apprentice Wand Gaea Seed Deadwood Staff* Imp Branche Necromancer’s Heart(Found in Swamp Area) Trusty Dagger* Rusty Dagger Alkahest Assassin Dagger* Trusty Dagger Ruby Shard Staff of the Magi** Wizard’s Rod(Shop) Seal of Magi Widow Claw* Falcata Ruby Globe Razor Sword* Wooden Sword(Shop) 5X Iron Globe Nail Bat* Iron Ignot Timber Wood Vindicator Club* Nail Bat Iron Globe Paladin’s Mace** Peace Batton(shop) Angel’s Tear(Found in Last Area) Morning Star** Paladin’s Mace Vindicator Cursed Kris** Rusty Dagger Gorgon Blood(Found in Ice Area) *Regular Quest **Forge Quests All the special Forge Items are located on the big map by the little forge icon. Nymphs: Warrior’s Shield Mnemosyne: Scholar Sword Phoebe: Staff of Magi Theia: Cursed Kris Tethys: Paladin Mace Rhea: Morning Star Forgotten: Beetle God Shield Themis: Deadwood Staff Projectiles Code: Outcome First Item(s) Second Item(s) 5X Gold Ninja Stars* Gold Ore Alkahest 5X Ninja Stars* Iron Ore Alkahest 5X Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby Dart* Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby Shard Alkahest *Regular Quest Armors / Shields Code: Outcome First Item(s) Second Item(s) Beetle Shield* 3X Hide 3X Shell Round Shield* Wooden Shield(Shop) Iron Ignot Warrior’s Shield** Round Shield Knight’s Memento Blast Shield* Warrior’s Shield Iron Globe Beetle God’s Shield** Blast Shield Beetle God Essence Plate Armor X Leather Armor X Plate Golem Armor X Leather Armor X Golem Talisman Minotaur Armor X Golem Armor X Minotaur Talisman Paladin Armor X Old Guard Armor X Knight Talisman (Mage) Saint Armor X Paladin Armor X Saint Talisman (Mage) *Regular Quest **Forge Quests Minotaur armor is better than Golem armor (Both melee oriented armor) Saint armor is better than Paladin armor (Both magic oriented armor) There are 4 of each talisman in the world. Crafting Resources Code: Outcome First Item(s) Second Item(s) Plate 3X Shell 3X Shell Solid Scale 3X Plate Alkahest Iron Ignot* 3X Iron Ore 3X Iron Ore Iron Globe 3X Iron Ignot Alkahest Timber 3X Wood 3X Wood Sturdy Lumber 3X Timber Alkahest Leather 3X Hide 3X Hide Treated Leather 3X Leather Alkahest Alkahest Antidote Small Healing Potion Emerald 3X Emerald Shard 3X Emerald Shard Emerald Globe 3X Emerald Alkahest Sapphire 3X Sapphire Shard 3X Sapphire Shard Sapphire Globe 3X Sapphire Alkahest Ruby 3X Ruby Shard 3X Ruby Shard Ruby Globe 3X Ruby Alkahest Gold Ignot 3X Gold Ore 3X Gold Ore Gold Globe 3X Gold Ignot Alkahest *Regular Quest Consumables Code: Outcome First Item(s) Second Item(s) Small Healing Potion* 3X Healing Herb Empty Bottle Medium Healing Potion* 6X Healing Herb Empty Bottle Large Healing Potion* 12X Healing Herb Empty Bottle Small Mana Potion* 3X Mana Herb Empty Bottle Medium Mana Potion* 6X Mana Herb Empty Bottle Large Mana Potion* 12X Mana Herb Empty Bottle Small Berry Potion 3X Teras Berrie Empty Bottle Medium Berry Potion 6X Teras Berrie Empty Bottle Large Berry Potion 12X Teras Berrie Empty Bottle Ambrosia Large Health Potion Large Mana Potion Panacea 5X Antidote Medium Healing Potion

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