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Just an original member of ArmorGames. Trying to enjoy the old times. -------------------------------------------------------- My Youtube Account!! New site created by armor games!! Straight to Comments Top 100 Player Rankings!! -------------------------------------------------------- My Top 6 main friends list: 1. Killingman 2. Roadripper 3. Juan999999 4. Slipsoccer 5. Champion10 -------------------------------------------------------- Does any one else miss the old times? When points didn't matter, and fun and playing games was what this site was all about? I do, and i miss them. people just want points, and they spam and dont have fun. If you agree with me, put this in your about. -------------------------------------------------------- Here are my Free rider 2 maps: Use bmx. 4c 4m 6i 4m aa 4m aa 3e,6i 4m aa 3e,4c 4m aa 3e,50 4m aa 3e,5k 4m aa 3e,68 4m aa 3e,6s 4m aa 3e,7g 4m aa 3e,84 4m aa 3e,8e 4m aa 3e,8o 4m aa 3e,92 4m aa 3e,9c 4m aa 3e,9m 4m aa 3e,a0 4m aa 3e,7q 4m aa 3e,76 4m aa 3e,5u 4m aa 3e,5a 4m aa 3e,4m 4m aa 3e,4c 4m -18 4m,fu 4m pu 4m pu em 156 em 1h2 em 1mm em 1su em 27s em 27s 50 27i em,pu 4m q8 em,27s 50 27s 4m 27s 26,fu 4m fu 3e jc 4m,fu 3e ka 4m ne 4m,fu 3e jm 4m,fu 3e l8 4m,fu 3e fu 4m,fu 3e g8 4m,fu 3e gi 4m,fu 3e gs 4m,fu 3e h6 4m,fu 3e hg 4m,fu 3e hq 4m,fu 3e i4 4m,fu 3e ie 4m,io 4m fu 3e ku 4m,fu 3e j2 4m fu 3e,k0 4m fu 3e,kk 4m fu 3e,pu 50 qi em,pu 5k qs em,pu 68 r6 em,pu 76 rg em,pu 7q rq em,pu 8e s4 em,pu 92 se em,pu 9m so em,pu a0 t2 em,pu aa tc em,pu ak tm em,pu au u0 em,pu b8 ua em,pu bi uk em,pu bs uu em,pu c6 v8 em,pu cg vi em,pu cq vs em,pu d4 106 em,pu de 10g em,pu do 10q em,pu e2 10q em,pu ec 114 em,278 em 27s 5a,27s 5k 26u em,27s 5u 26k em,27s 68 26a em,27s 6i 260 em,27s 6s 25m em,27s 76 25c em,27s 7g 252 em,27s 7q 24o em,27s 84 24e em,27s 8e 244 em,27s 8o 23q em,27s 92 23g em,27s 9c 236 em,27s 9m 22s em,27s a0 22i em,27s aa 228 em,27s ak 21u em,27s au 21k em,27s b8 21a em,27s bi 210 em,27s bs 20m em,27s c6 20c em,27s cg 202 em,27s cq 1vo em,27s d4 1ve em,27s de 1uq em,27s do 1ug em,27s e2 1u6 em,27s ec 1ts em,1ug 50 1ug -ec 2g0 -ec 2qk -oc 2g0 -j2,2qk -oc 2g0 -o2,2g0 -oc 2qa -oc 2sq -oc 32o -oc 32o -a 33m -a 3lg -a 3lq -a 3lq 18 404 18 404 -a 3lq -a,404 -a 4h0 -a 4h0 4c 4tg 4c,1uq -ec 1ug -e2,1ug -do 1v4 -ec,2sq 6i 34a 6i 3re 6i 4b2 6i 4b2 7g 4c0 7g 4c0 84 4cu 84 4cu 8o 4ds 8o 4ds 9c 4eq 9c 4eq a0 4fo a0 4fo ak 4gm ak 4gm b8 4hu b8,2sq 6i 2p2 6i 2p2 1i,2p2 6i 27s 6i,10g -26 -18 -26,3k8 -a 3k8 -26 340 -26 340 -a,49q 6i 49q b8 4hk b8 4mk b8 56s b8,4h0 0 4h0 -a,56s 7g 5j2 2q 4h0 2q,5j2 2q 60q 2q 6cm -k 6dk -u 6uq -u 7oe -u 7oo -u 7oo -9c,6uq -u 6uq -9c 7oo -9c,56s 7g 56s 4c 4tg 4c,56s 4c 5f0 4c,7oo -u 87e -u,5j2 6s 56s b8,5j2 6s 60q 6s 6da 2q 6ug 2q 6uq 2q 7oo 2q 7oo cq,6uq 2q 6uq cq 7oo cq,7oo 2q 890 d4 7oo d4 7oo cg,890 d4 8r4 d4 8r4 pa,5jc 34 5jc 3o 5k0 3o 5k0 34 5jc 34,5d4 5u 5d4 5a 5do 5a 5do 5u 5d4 5u,5de 5a 5de 50,5fk 50 5fk 4c 5g8 4c 5g8 50 5fk 50,5fu 4c 5fu 42,87o -u 874 -u,87o -u 88m -u 88m 6s 8qq 6s 9a4 6s 9a4 4c a0k 4c ac6 4c,88c -9c 7oo -9c,88m -9c 88m -u,88m -9c 882 -9c,9a4 d4 8r4 d4,904 d4 904 pa,2g0 -oc 2g0 -ec,2qk -oc 2g0 -f0,2g0 -em 2qk -oc 2g0 -jm,2qk -oc 2g0 -ne,2qk -oc 2g0 -fa,2g0 -fu 2qk -oc 2g0 -ie,2qk -oc 2g0 -mq,2qk -oc 2g0 -fk,2g0 -g8 2qk -oc 2g0 -ka,2qk -oc 2g0 -m6,2qk -oc 2g0 -gi,2g0 -gs 2qk -oc 2g0 -hq,2qk -oc 2g0 -li,2qk -oc 2g0 -h6,2g0 -hg 2qk -oc 2g0 -ku,2g0 -i4 2qk -oc,2g0 -io 2qk -oc,2g0 -jc 2qk -oc,2g0 -k0 2qa -oc,2g0 -kk 2qk -oc,2g0 -l8 2qk -oc,2g0 -ls 2qk -oc,2g0 -mg 2qk -oc,2g0 -n4 2qk -oc,2g0 -no 2qk -oc,9a4 d4 9m0 b8 9m0 d4 9a4 d4,9m0 d4 aak d4,9m0 bi 9ae d4 9m0 bs 9ae d4 9m0 cg,9m0 c6 9ae d4,9m0 cq 9ae d4,9ni d4 9ni c6 9oq c6 9oq d4,9ns c6 9ns bi 9og bi 9og c6,9qc d4 9qc c6 9rk c6 9rk d4,9qm c6 9qm bi 9ra bi 9ra c6,aaa d4 acg d4,al8 d4 avi d4 avi 92 avi 4c bc2 4c bc2 de,avi d4 bc2 d4,a8e 4c a8e 5u ado 5u ado 4c,b5g 4c b5g 0 avi 4c,b5g 0 bc2 4c,b1o a0 b1o d4,b1o a0 b4i a0 b4i cq,b1e 5k b1e 7q b4s 7q b4s 5k b1e 5k,b7c 5k b7c 7q bag 7q bag 5k b7c 5k,b7m a0 b7m c6 baq c6 baq a0 b7m a0,ade d2 ajo b6,ae5 d1 ajk b8,aff d2 ajh b8,ajk ba agq d1,ajk ba aib cv,ajo bq aj4 cv,ace d4 al8 d4,ajm b6 ak2 d2,adg d1 acs d4,ahk ct aj9 bj,ait cm ajh bm,ajh cp ajl c0,afe ct ahq bt,agk ct aj1 bj,b24 be b24 br,adl 4a ac5 4b#15g 92 15g au 1a6 au 1a6 bi,15g 92 1a6 92 1a6 8e,15g a0 1bo a0 1a6 bi,1bo a0 1a6 8e,-ak -26 -ak 0 -ak a -68 a -68 k -5a -u,-ak -u -5a -u,-ak -26 -68 -26 -68 -2g -5a -u,-aa k -aa 26,-ak k -a0 k,-9c k -9c 26 -8e 26 -8e k -9c k,-ak 42 -a0 2g -9m 34 -9c 2g -8o 42,-8e 2g -8e 42,-84 42 -84 2g -7g 42 -7g 2g,-76 2g -76 42 -6i 42,-76 3e -6i 3e,-76 2g -6i 2g,-5a 2g -5u 2g -5u 34 -5a 34 -5a 42 -5u 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bi,O 9rk bi,T ar6 au,T ar6 aa,T arq au,T aqi au,T ar6 bi and Use Bmx: -18 1i -92 1i -92 -9m -f0 -9m -f0 -9c -f0 1i -em 1i -ec 18 -ec -5a,-92 -9m -8o 1i,-f0 -9c -92 -9c -8e 1i,-f0 1i -5k 1i,-f0 1i -f0 1s -f0 26 106 26 106 3e -f0 34 -f0 26,106 26 122 3e 13u 3e 18u 3e,106 3e 122 3e,-92 -8o -84 1i,-92 -8e -7q 1i,-92 -84 -7g 1i,-92 -7q -76 1i,-92 -7g -6s 1i,-92 -76 -6i 1i,-92 -6s -68 1i,-92 -6i -5u 1i,-92 -68 -5k 1i,-92 -5u -5a 1i,-92 -5k -50 1i,-92 -5a -4m 1i,-92 -50 -4c 1i,-92 -4m -42 1i,-92 -4c -3o 1i,-92 -42 -3e 1i,-92 -3o -34 1i,-92 -3e -2q 1i,-92 -34 -2g 1i,-92 -2q -26 1i,-92 -18 -k 1i,-92 -u -a 1i,-92 -k 0 1i,-92 -a a 1i,-92 0 k 1i,-18 1i au 1i io 1i,au 1i au 18 f0 18 fa 18,au 18 ak 18,-92 a u 1i,-92 k 18 1i,-92 u 1i 1i,-92 18 1i 1i,-em 1i -em -9c,-c6 -9c -c6 1i -bs 1i -bi 18 -bi -9c,-bs 1i -bs -9c,-em -68 -c6 a,-em -5u -c6 k,-c6 0 -em -6i,-ec -5k -ec -9c,au 1s -f0 1s,f0 18 f0 1i,hq 1i hq u i4 18 io 18 io u,mg 1i io 1i,ie u ie k m6 k m6 u ls 18 ls u io u,ie k io u,m6 u mq u mg 18 ls 18,mq u mq 1i,ls u m6 k,ka u ka 0 mg 0 o2 1i,ka 0 i4 0 gi 1i,i4 0 i4 u,mg 0 mg u,mg 1i qi 1i qi -a rq -a qi -k r6 -u rq -k,qi -a qi -u rq -u rq -a s4 1i,rq -a rq 1i uk 1i 10g 1i 12c 2q 13k 2q 18u 2q 18u 3e,rq 1i qi 1i,qi -a rq -k,ie u hq u,mg 18 mg 1i,i4 1i i4 18,ie u io 18,qi -a q8 1i,qi -a qi 0 rq -a,qi 0 pu 1i,qi a pk 1i,qi k pa 1i,qi u p0 1i,qi 18 om 1i,qi 18 rq 18 tm 1i,rq 18 qi u rq k t2 1i,rq k qi a rq 0 se 1i,rq 0 qi -a,rq 18 r6 1i,rq a so 1i,rq u tc 1i,rq u qi k rq a qi 0,qi 18 rq u,qi 18 r6 1i,au 1s 106 1s 122 34 13k 34 18u 34,-92 -2g -1s 1i,-92 -26 -1i 1i,-92 -1s -18 1i,-92 -1i -u 1i,1cm cg 1ti cg 1ti cq 1cm cq 1cm d4 1cm i4 1d0 i4 1da hq 1da em,1cm cq 1cm cg,1cm d4 1ti d4 1ti cg,1d0 i4 1d0 d4,1ge d4 1ge i4 1go i4 1h2 hq 1h2 d4,1go i4 1go d4,1d0 e2 1ge hg,1ge hq 1d0 ec,1d0 do 1ge h6,1da e2 1da d4,1l4 d4 1l4 i4 1le i4 1lo hq 1lo d4,1le i4 1le d4,1os d4 1os i4 1p6 i4 1pg hq 1pg hg,1p6 i4 1p6 d4,1t8 d4 1t8 i4 1su i4 1su d4,1t8 i4 1ti hq 1ti d4,1p6 hg 1su do,1su e2 1p6 hq,1p6 h6 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