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try this

use these as you want
-18 1i 18 1i fa 1i,ii 1q kh 1p mi 1a o7 2 pc -21 pj -47 p3 -6u nu -8n m2 -9h jb -9h ht -8v go -7v g6 -6k fo -4c fj -2b fj -12,f6 1h f8 2u fk 54 h1 76 j0 8d m0 9a oi 9e,ok 9e rd 9d,uu 9b 117 9b,119 9b 13m 8t 16f 7l 18f 57 192 27,194 27 196 -19 18a -3n 164 -5h,15v -5h 134 -5m,12t -5m 104 -5d ug -4g,ue -4g th -2r,tf -2o sq -6 sc 2o sa 55,r8 9d ru 9d ru an,s1 av s6 cl sn el tp ga vm hh 11c i5 145 ig,148 ig 177 ij,17d im 1b5 ip 1mp ig,24p fv 27u c1,280 c1 29o 8p 2ai 4m,2ai 3e 2ai 2a,2ai 2d 2ai 4u,29g -1s 277 -4r,274 -4r 251 -6b,24u -6b 22m -6v,204 -7i 1t8 -74,204 -7i 22o -6v,1t5 -71 1rj -68 1q0 -48,1oe -22 1nt a 1ni 2d,1qs im 1u5 il 214 id,21a ic 24q fu,2aj 2b 2a4 k,1pv -4c 1pl -3i,1nk 24 1mv 5b 1ma 8q 1md cj,1md cu 1mk ec,1mn ii 1mj lo,23n 105 27i 108 2b6 vt 2eb v0 2hd t3 2ju r3 2m6 or 2o4 mt,1mk ll 1mi mq,1mi mr 1mo np,1mo nq 1mt oj 1n7 pm,1n8 pq 1o1 r2 1ot s5 1q1 t2 1rf u1 1sn uk,1t3 uq 1v3 va,1sn um 1te us,1uv va 203 vk,206 vl 215 vq,218 vt 229 100 23r 105##S fk -g,S fk 1h,S sd 5f,S sj 8r,S 1nn gv,B 1o3 27 5q,B 23t -5q 8u,B 1te -6c 2t,B 29u 27 ac,B 1v7 gr 20

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