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  • Member since: 7/13/2009
  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: Yep.... no I'm not telling you my screen name!!!
  • MSN: What? No one has MSN you idiots!
  • Yahoo: Not in use.
  • XBOX Live: I wish!
  • Wii: Yes?
  • PSN: Don't have one.
  • SteamID: Ok I don't know what that is.....maybe living in vegas has something to do with it...


I was born................ and now I'm here........... is that good enough for you people???

Some Autos I'm Proud of


-u 1l -8 1l,-5 6b 7 6v p 68,2v ak 3i bc 4k c2 62 cp,at i1 8s j6,gt oq hi pc ih pu jl qd kt qc lt pv mo p6,p8 q2 ro q9,ua ve u0 109 tb 11d,t8 102 ti ut,t5 100 sj 112,pk 19m pp 1aa qd 1aa,126 1d0 11e 1do 10f 1ef va 1f3 u1 1fk sf 1g4 r1 1gi pg 1h2 nt 1hj m8 1i5,ma 1i8 mk 1hp,hk 1lv hn 1m9 ib 1m7 ii 1ls,mb 1r7 n4 1rs o7 1sm pi 1th qp 1u9 s4 1v4 tg 201,11l 25l 11b 26e 10g 26t vi 270,1f e3 1h ei 28 ei,8j ql 77 qn,b5 114 c9 118,dj 19r cm 1al bl 1b9 ab 1br 92 1ca 7i 1cp 5s 1d7 41 1dj 25 1du,-2g 1h9 -1s 1ie -1g 1ie,2o 1q3 1t 1qc,3l 20p 30 21i,4l 2b3 4r 2c3 59 2d3 5r 2e2 6j 2f0 7h 2g2,in 2li il 2m7 hu 2m7,h9 2up gl 2v9,2q 3ht 3e 3i9,89 4i6 9d 4au,8a 4i7 8l 51q eu 51u dp 4he 9i 4b1,3r 557 3t 57e 6g 58j 7d 55l,aq 5fr aq 5ii ec 5j9 e5 5f2,91 4en 93 4ge,91 4eq 9d 4f1 93 4fg,9b 4eq 9j 4g9 9n 4f2 9s 4g7 a4 4el,ac 4en ac 4fv,ae 4eq aq 4g4 at 4ei,b7 4el bc 4g0,b5 4ej br 4f4 bc 4fr,8v 4gk bh 4g2##T bf 4f4,T 2u 583,T 2u 58i,T 2p 58u,T 2k 598,T 33 58p,T 38 58r,T 3n 58d,T 3g 58n,T 3g 58u,T 3b 598,T 38 59g,T 3n 59l,T 43 59f,T 4d 590,T 4n 58n,T 4v 58u,T 4q 596,T 4q 59i,T 4q 59s,T 4g 59d,T 5c 59f,T 5b 59p,T 5b 59v,T 5b 5a9,T 5b 5ag,T 5b 5as,T 5j 5ao,T 5r 5ag,T 60 5a8,T 67 5ag,T 6c 5ao,T 6j 5ai,T 6p 5a3,T 6u 59l,T 20 5a9,T 2c 5a9,T 2c 5ab,T 2r 5ag,T 3a 5at,T 31 5ai,T 3u 5b4,T 3g 5b1,T 49 5b1,T 4d 5b6,T 4i 5bh,T 56 5bo,T 4s 5bm,T 5j 5bm,T 5v 5bm,T 6a 5bq

Just BMX

-18 1i 18 1i,m 1h 10 15 1a 1i,-3a 90 -3s 90,-2p ea -27 ea,-6j hm -5e ij -45 je -2t k9 -1p l4 -j m2 j n3 1q o6 31 pa 48 qg 5f ro 6n t0 7u ua 96 vk ad 10v bm 12b d2 13m em 14r ge 15q i9 16g k4 16j m0 169,18b 1rk 18l 1rk,1hk 298 1gr 29p,1lm 2ok 1l9 2pq 1ka 2qr 1in 2r3 1h2 2qo 1fc 2pp,1ai 2qs 1b8 2rh 1bb 2qo,1dq 2uv 1dt 2vi 1ea 2vi,1ht 31t 1i0 32c 1iu 32g,1o6 36p 1o6 378 1p9 37b,1tb 39m 1ta 3a5 1sd 3a7,1nl 3jc 1o3 3jc,1i0 3s6 1h3 3t2 1fs 3tn 1eh 3ts 1da 3to,155 405 15n 40m,12h 478 12i 47o 131 47o 13a 473,uk 48q ua 49m u7 4aj ub 4bm uh 4cv v0 4e0 vk 4eq 10b 4fb 113 4fi 11s 4fh 12h 4f8,16f 4f7 16d 4gq 163 4i4 159 4jf 13v 4kg 129 4kt,sa 4pq sq 4qo tq 4rf v4 4s2 10d 4sf 11p 4so,11p 4sq 12l 4su 13f 4t5 14a 4te,18l 513 19k 51d 1ak 51c 1bh 514,1bh 516 1ca 50o 1d4 509 1du 4vk 1el 4v0 1f9 4uc 1fu 4to 1go 4t1 1hm 4s8,1hm 4s8 1iq 4rb,2ju 4el 2k1 4f7 2ji 4fh,2ds 57r 2eu 58b 2g7 58e 2hg 584 2in 57g,2nd 5b3 2ns 5bf 2of 5bb,2q9 5i4 2r1 5in 2rv 5jc 2t3 5jm 2u8 5jm 2v8 5ji 307 5j7 311 5it 31m 5ik,31v 5on 324 6cj 2uh 6mu 33s 6rk 34p 76f,30v 75b 31h 7c5 39o 7br 38i 74v,34q 7c3 35b 7pn,36b 7c6 36j 7pm,36d 7c7 369 7c2,2r3 77c 2rn 78f 2se 76t,2rn 78g 2rn 7aq,2sg 7ar 2tg 770 2u2 7b7,2st 79i 2tl 79i,2v3 777 2v5 7a2,2v3 7b7 2v3 7bp,3a0 76m 3b6 762 3ak 785 3bn 785 3af 79i,3cc 76c 3ce 78b,3cb 76e 3dc 76h,3de 76h 3cj 777,3ec 76k 3dk 76p 3de 786 3ei 786 3ea 76k,3dt 778 3dr 77m 3e3 77m 3e5 777 3dt 777,3f5 77s 3f6 76m,3f6 757 3f8 75v,3fl 76r 3fl 785,3fp 76j 3gj 7aj 3gb 76t,3gn 75g 3gs 785,3gg 76f 3h4 76h,3ho 76r 3hb 76e 3h4 772 3hq 77c 3hl 786 3hb 77p#30u 75c 38h 752,30v 766 38k 75p,314 76v 38p 76f,318 77o 38t 776,31b 78j 390 781,31d 79e 393 78o,31e 7a7 397 79h,31e 7ar 39c 7a3,31j 7bl 39h 7as,33k 7c1 39m 7bf,31q 75a 32e 7bu,32q 75d 33a 7c3,33o 758 34d 7bv,34k 758 35f 7c1,35f 753 36i 7c1,36i 758 37m 7bq,37c 753 38k 7bu,380 757 397 7bq,31s 75d 316 768,32r 75f 316 771 37h 7bs,33m 75c 318 77q,34k 75a 319 78l,35d 758 319 79h 348 7bs,36d 75a 31d 7a7,37c 755 31g 7ap,37v 758 31i 7bk,38h 757 31j 7c4,38k 75u 32g 7c1,38p 76i 33c 7bv,38p 779 34i 7bs,390 786 35f 7bu,395 78t 36i 7bu,398 79k 37l 7bq,39f 7a8 38j 7bk,39f 7au 393 7bg,39c 7bs 39k 7bg,311 75c 39k 7bq,313 76a 38j 7bs,316 77q 36e 7bu,319 78o 35a 7bq,31d 7ac 337 7bv,31g 7au 32e 7bv,31j 7bp 31t 7c4,31t 75c 39f 7b1,32r 75c 39c 7a7,33r 75d 398 79f,34k 75a 393 78m,35f 758 390 77v,36g 755 38p 776,37e 757 38r 76f,384 755 38j 75p#B 1he 4t5 1l,B 1ga 4ua 1j,B 1er 4vg 1h,B 1do 50e 1l

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