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thanks!! For All Your Comm ents please dont stop it makes me happy my fave game in AG is Fantasy Online Even thou a zombie game beat that i wont give up on it i use to have 2 cats 1 runed away and 1 i gave to a new home and u use to have a dog named buddy and then he past away if ur a semi driver WATCH OUT For DOGS Even thou i am a cat person Dear Diary it was SWEET its day 1 dear dairy still sweet day 2 Dear Diary again. Dear Mind i ripped my diary. ;;;;;;;----;;;; y u too chinese ;0;0;0; y u too yelly y u too smily G A M E R!!!! DO U ? =] go away we dont like u | BE A GREIFER so i just spaced out every sentece so it looks long lol OP OP OP OPPA GANGAM STYLE ==]====== Do u like my sword cause i can SWING IT! C A N A D A I S E P I C ! BRING THA PANCAKES! $ $ ]-------[ ------ ------ --------------- 000000000 00000000 A=============A d 0 M o i am bill ney THE SCIENCE g U y! B A c 0 N & p I Z z A i G0t $W3Rf P0 K3 Mo N! ^ | press that if your e p i c Great wall of china am i right? or am i right?

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