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-18 1i 18 1i,m 20 p bh,-rg h2 -ul rv,o bf i pt,-23 sj 14u 1j9,139 1ia 143 1it 14s 1jc 15m 1jp 16k 1k5 17r 1kl 193 1l5 1af 1lm 1c0 1m7 1da 1mh 1ec 1mn 1fe 1mm 1gj 1md 1hp 1lr 1j7 1l1 1kd 1k7 1ll 1j9 1mq 1i6 1nn 1gs 1oe 1fe 1p0 1dt 1pa 1cc 1pc 1b3 1p8 19p 1ou 18r,1i9 17s 1i3 ou,1i3 r4 1i9 23,28b -j8 29b 19v,1u2 23j 3jq 23o,387 1i3 4r1 1i1,4ch 22g 5o0 22c,5jj 1qm 5is 1qu 5ic 1rf 5i4 1s5 5ib 1sv 5it 1ti 5jo 1tv 5km 1u1 5lf 1tp 5m6 1t8 5mj 1sh 5mg 1rm 5m1 1qs 5l8 1qa 5ka 1q6 5je 1qe 5in 1r3,5jv 1r0 5jv 1s0,5l2 1r2 5l3 1rr,5j6 1sc 5ke 1t1 5li 1sh#5b0 1of 5e8 1od 5b7 1pt 5ee 1pq,5g2 1o6 5fc 1pv,5g2 1o6 5go 1pn,5fo 1p1 5gc 1p3,5gk 1pj 5go 1ps,5i1 1o5 5je 1pq,5jj 1o5 5hs 1pq,5k9 1o3 5lr 1q2,5lk 1o0 5k7 1ps,5mr 1ps 5ol 1n1 5p3 1qb,5ou 1ou 5nk 1oo,5pq 1nb 5ti 1m3 5qv 1ph 5uf 1o4,-16 1h -18 -54,-18 -54 46 -34,46 -34 -14 -26,-3 -47 -u -44 -q -34 -1 -3b -6 -3t -k -3o,9 -4b g -3e 17 -3n o -4e b -4b#T 57u 205,T 5cg 20c,T 596 21v,T 5a6 20c,T 5c0 221,G 4ls 1i6 5g,G 4nm 1i1 5s,G 4p2 1i1 5k,T 4fn 1if,G 3go 23i b7,G 3f0 23i b6,G 3dm 23j b7,T 365 23b,G 291 19q 5e,T 280 -er,T 1ia b0,G 1i9 73 2q,G 1i7 62 2p,G 1i7 4q 2r,G 1ib 3f 2q,G 1n8 169 8c,G 1mb 14o 8k,G 1mu 13d 8d,G 1o4 14l 8f,G 1oe 16f 8f,T 1kd 12l,T kr 19e,G m pl 5l,T v e9,G -25e ig 65,G 6u 5r 8d,G 6q 46 8e,G 6q 2h 8e

my latest very own fr2 map

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