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my kongregate profile is zerato5

The Club is Now On Kongregate!!

Conservatives Unite
Cnservatives Unite

[url= http://www.mindistortion.tv/iwantyoursoul/?i_am=zerato5] Click For Supreeme Funnieness]
The ledgendary army fourum

best freakin punk o matic riff ever!!!!!!

another good one


(\__/) This is bunny. Copy and paste
(+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help him
(")_(") gain world domination!

"you all need to wake the hell up, its a damn weapon! so is an M16 a .45 pistol, an m67 grenade. they all do the same thing, kill! they all have the capability to take life, hostile or not. yes some are more effective than others but these are things that you cannot possibly understand unless you are there, unless you are in the military, this life is entirely different than what you are used to. we signed a contract saying we will take up this life and make sure that you dont have to. so we can only expect you not to understand. no one is trying to kill innocent people that is never an objective in any mission, its just war and no one can eliminate the accidents or terrible things that happen in such an environment, every war has been the same way. war is hell and its the devil dog's territory let them handle it before our enemies come over here again."



ask me if you want to be in it.

1) Private |>100 AP|
2) Private 1rst class (PFC) |100 AP|
3) Lance Corporal |200 AP|
4) Corporal |350 AP|
5) Sargent |500 AP|
6) Staff Sargent |575 AP|
7) Gunnery Sargent |650 AP|
8) Master Sargent |750 AP|
9) First Sargent |900 AP|
(I'm skipping all the other stupid Sargent ones)
Commissioned Officers

10) Second Lieutenant | 1000 AP|
11) First Lieutenant |1500 AP|
12) Captain |3000 AP|
13) Major |5000 AP|
14) Lieutenant Colonial |8000 AP|
15) Colonial |10,000 AP|
16) Brigadier General |13,000 AP|
17) Major General |16,000 AP|
18) Lieutenant General |19,000 AP|
19) General |< 20,000 AP|


1) dont spam
2) dont piss poeple off in the name of the club
3) have fun


-new club yaaaaaa.
-need members, recruit people
-making a website for the club


me, zerato5 lol |First Lieutenant| (AG, K)
MstrXantos |Second Lieutenant| (AG)
Agent_86 |Major| (AG, K)

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