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Part 3 of my hardest course

18 1i u 1i,18 1i 18 5a -u 5a,18 1s 1i 5a,18 26 1s 5a,26 5a 18 2g,18 2q 2g 5a,18 34 2q 5a,18 3e 34 5a,18 3o 3e 5a,18 42 3o 5a,18 4c 42 5a,18 4m 4c 5a,18 50 4m 5a 50 5a 5a 5a 8o 50,4m 5a 18 5a,5a 5a 8o 5a 8o 1i,8o 1s 8e 5a,84 5a 8o 26,8o 2g 7q 5a,8o 2q 7g 5a,8o 34 76 5a,6s 5a 8o 3e,8o 3o 6i 5a,8o 42 68 5a,5u 5a 8o 4c,8o 4m 5k 5a,5a 18 5a -2g 92 -2g,5a u 5k -2g,5u -2g 5a a 4c -2g,5a 0 68 -2g,6i -2g 5a -a,5a -k 6s -2g,76 -2g 5a -u,5a -18 7g -2g,7q -2g 5a -1i,5a -1s 84 -2g,8e -2g 5a -26 1s -2g 5a -2g,5a u 50 -2g,4m -2g 5a k,5a 0 42 -2g,3o -2g 5a -a,5a -k 3e -2g,34 -2g 5a -u,5a -18 2q -2g,2g -2g 5a -1i,5a -1s 26 -2g,9c -2g b8 -2g cq -a e2 -2g,b8 -2g cq -2g fu -2g gs -2g hq -2g,9c -2g cq -26 fu -2g,9m -2g cq -1s fk -2g,a0 -2g cq -1i fa -2g,aa -2g cq -18 f0 -2g,ak -2g cq -u em -2g,au -2g cq -k ec -2g,bi -2g cq 0 do -2g,cq a bs -2g,cq k c6 -2g,cq u cg -2g,cq u cq -2g,9c -2g 92 -2g,cq u cq 5a,cq 5k cq 92 9c 92 -u 92,9c 92 cq 8o,cq 5k cg 92,c6 92 cq 5u,cq 68 bs 92,cq 6i bi 92,b8 92 cq 6s,cq 76 au 92,ak 92 cq 7g,cq 7q aa 92,a0 92 cq 84,cq 8e 9m 92,cq 5k cq 5a,-18 5a -34 5a -1i 34,-34 5a -50 76,-34 5a -50 5a,-1i 5a -50 5k,-1s 5a -50 5u,-50 68 -26 5a,-2g 5a -50 6i,-2q 5a -50 6s,-50 7g -3e 5a,-3o 5a -50 7q,-42 5a -50 84,-50 8e -4c 5a -1i 4c,-4m 5a -50 8o -50 5a,-50 8o -50 92 -50 9c -50 d4,-50 9c -4m d4,-18 5a -k 5a,-4c d4 -50 9m,-50 a0 -42 d4,-50 aa -3o d4,-3e d4 -50 ak,-50 au -34 d4,-2q d4 -50 b8,-50 bi -2g d4,-26 d4 -50 bs,-50 c6 -1s d4,-1i d4 -50 cg,-50 cq -18 d4 -50 d4,-18 d4 cq d4 d4 d4,de d4 gs d4 d4 d4,gs d4 de de a0 d4,de d4 gs cq,gs cg do d4 de gi d4 d4,de gi de ka h6 ka de k0 9m ka,de ka cq ka -50 ka,e2 d4 gs c6,gs bs ec d4,em d4 gs bi,gs b8 f0 d4 de fa bs d4,fa d4 gs au,gs ak fk d4 de em b8 d4,fu d4 gs aa,gs a0 g8 d4 de e2 ak d4,gi d4 gs 9m gs d4,gs 9m gs 6s gs 18 gs u,cq u d4 -2g,cq k de -2g,i4 -2g li -2g,i4 -2g li -26,li -1s ie -2g,io -2g li -1i,li -18 j2 -2g,jc -2g li -u,li -k jm -2g,k0 -2g li -a,li 0 ka -2g,kk -2g li a,li k ku -2g,l8 -2g li u li -2g,li u li d4,i4 -2g hq -2g,li de l8 gs,li do ku gs li k0,kk gs li e2,li ec ka gs li jc,k0 gs li em,li f0 jm gs li io,jc gs li fa,li fk j2 gs li i4,io gs li fu,li g8 ie gs li hg,i4 gs li gi,li gs i4 gs li h6,li gs li d4,gi d4 de do aa d4,fu d4 de ec au d4,de f0 fa d4,em d4 de fk c6 d4,de fu ec d4,e2 d4 de g8 cq d4,de gi de d4,io gs li hq,li ie jc gs,li j2 k0 gs,li jm kk gs,li ka l8 gs,li gs li ka,de gi do ka,de gs e2 ka,de h6 ec ka,em ka de hg c6 ka,de hq f0 ka,fa ka de i4 bi ka,de ie fk ka,fu ka de io au ka,de j2 g8 ka,gi ka de jc aa ka,de jm gs ka,li kk l8 oc,li ku ku oc,kk oc li l8,li li ka oc,k0 oc li ls,li m6 jm oc,jc oc li mg,li mq j2 oc,io oc li n4,li ne ie oc,i4 oc li no,li o2 hq oc li oc li ka,hq oc cq oc -50 oc -8o o2,-50 oc -4m oc,-5a oc -8o no,-8o ne -5k oc,-5u oc -8o n4,-8o mq -68 oc,-6i oc -8o mg,-8o m6 -6s oc,-76 oc -8o ls,-8o li -7g oc,-7q oc -8o l8,-8o ku -84 oc,-8e oc -8o kk -8e gs -8o d4 -8o 5a -8e 1i,-8o kk -8o oc -50 oc,-8o ka -84 gs,-8o k0 -7q gs -8o do,-7g gs -8o jm,-8o jc -76 gs -8o ec,-6s gs -8o j2,-8o io -6i gs -8o f0,-68 gs -8o ie,-8o i4 -5u gs -8o fk,-5k gs -8o hq,-8o hg -5a gs -8o g8,-50 gs -8o h6,-8o gs -50 gs -8o gi,-8o gs -8o kk,-50 gs 84 gs 8o gs,de gi d4 ka,de gs cq ka,de h6 cg ka,de hq bs ka,de ie b8 ka,ak ka de j2,a0 ka de jm,de fu cg d4,de f0 bi d4,-5k gs -8o fu,-68 gs -8o fa,-8o em -6s gs,-8o e2 -7g gs,-8o de -84 gs,-8o d4 -8o gs,-8o 50 -84 1i,-8o 4m -7q 1i,-8o 4c -7g 1i,-8o 42 -76 1i,-6s 1i -8o 3o,-6i 1i -8o 3e,-8o 34 -68 1i,-5u 1i -8o 2q,-8o 2g -5k 1i,-5a 1i -8o 26,-8o 1s -50 1i -50 -2g 1s -2g,-8o 1i -8o 50,-1i 1i 18 1i,-8o 1i -50 1i -4m -2g,-1i 5a -1i 1i,-1i 1s -1s 5a,-1i 26 -26 5a,-1i 2g -2g 5a,-1i 2q -2q 5a,-1i 3e -3e 5a,-3o 5a -1i 3o,-1i 42 -42 5a,-1i 4m -4m 5a,-1i 50 -50 5a,-50 18 -4c -2g,-50 u -42 -2g,-50 k -3o -2g,-50 a -3e -2g,-34 -2g -50 0,-50 -a -2q -2g,-2g -2g -50 -k,-50 -u -26 -2g,-50 -18 -1s -2g,-1i -2g -50 -1i,-50 -1s -18 -2g,-u -2g -50 -26##T -6s 9m,T 18 6s,T g8 gs,T au gi,T 0 -a,T em 1s,S iv k3,S iv k3,S iv k3,S iv k3,S iv k3,S h1 fa,S h1 fa,S h1 fa,S h1 fa,S h1 fa,S 76 u,S 0 7q,S f0 76,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 76 u,S 0 7q,S 0 7q,S 0 7q,S 0 7q,S 0 7q,S 0 7q,S f0 76,S f0 76,S f0 76,S f0 76,S f0 76,S f0 76,S f0 76,S gs -u,S gs -u,S gs -u,S gs -u,S gs -u,S jc 76,S jc 76,S jc 76,S jc 76


My first auto.

-11 32 -c 32,-m 9e 3a ae,3c af 6j af,bb 1qr bo 1t4,bo 1t1 ca 1tr cv 1uj dn 1va em 1vt fp 208 gv 20f,gt 20f ol 20f,13g 245 13l 24s 13i 25m 12j 262,pg 29a ss 29a,pg 29a ju 29d,bo 1t2 53 1lo,-2d 1cf -de 16m,-2f 1cd 1c 1ed,-172 2n2 -us 2r6,-gs 3n8 -fo 3p2 -eo 3qg -e3 3rb -dd 3ra,2g 4b9 2g 4c6 2g 4d4 2g 4e4 2g 4ev,3j 5ai t 5d8,3l 59l 3j 5ag,6r 1ll 78 1m5 80 1md 8p 1ma 9e 1m0,15 55j -2t 554,-7j 5su -3t 5ug,65 7id 9m 7j1,cq 7jj je 7lc,no 7qt pf 7qt,ui 7rv uk 7t7 rq 854 mj 898,fv 8it er 8it,dr 8ir fs 8ir,13 95g -5c 9ag,-5e 9ae -69 9b6 -79 9br -8g 9c8 -9t 9c6 -bb 9bi,-2ic b84 -2hv b97 -2h7 bad -2ft bbe -2e1 bca -2c0 bcu -29v bd9,-297 bd7 -271 bd7,-266 bd7 -25a bd7,-24p bd7 -24c bd7,-23t bda -23h bda,-22t bdk -22t bct,-20i bn7 -1ub bn8,2u 94e 7k 944,-ki 9il -cr 9in,-cs 9iq -a6 9lv,-a8 9m1 -9n 9lg,-77 9qo -69 9qo,-a2 9r8 -a5 9r8,-37 9t6 3d 9qh#-fa 9 -do -r -co -h -bv -t,-bv -10 -bg -c -ak a -9r -e -8h -r -8e -7 -6s c -6g -4 -50 5 -3r -m -34 0 -2l 2s -39 42 -2j 5k -3e 8e,2r -15 33 -j 2c r 2r 2n 2c 49 59 59 70 4e 8d 5m 9q 5m ch 6r du 91,2u -12 5b -1a 6j -c 91 -1p 9n -r cc -1p cc -17 fm -1o,fm -1l f9 -b g5 l ip -1h,ip -1j jn -12,-3h -ch -47 -c2 -4p -bc -4p -ag -40 -9l -37 -9q -2e -98 -1i -9l -a -91 4 -9s -8 -ag 19 -ag 1e -bh j -cp -p -cp -p -dn -29 -d8 -29 -cf -39 -c7 -3m -cm,-3e 8b -34 9g,-2v 9g -k 9e,6h ah 72 b7 6j cd 80 el,80 eq 7h gr 62 i8 7h j6 75 kj 7r kj 98 lj 80 mp 8n o6 96 oq 8k pq,8i pq 75 p1 72 q4 7r sa 7u u4,85 u9 91 10c 8n 123 a1 13b a1 15m a9 16u 91 168 6e 17l,6c 17l 2c 178 1r 168,1o 168 -s 173 -3r 160 -5s 16k -8c 15h -a5 15m -as 14t -dc 15p,-dh 15k -g6 13t -i7 15a -ln 142,-me 13o -p5 14h -qs 16f,-mb 13t -ln 142,e3 8u fj 9n eq bc fb e1 gr f1 ft g9 gj hc g2 jd h2 jq gh lj f6 m0 gh o6,gc o8 gc pg hh qe ha r5 i3 s3 ha u1 i3 vc,i3 ve h0 11k,gt 11k ip 12n jv 12n jn 13o,ji 13q ii 14o,ii 150 ip 15m,j3 15m k4 163,kj 165 ko 17g,kl 17i jg 184 ns 186 nu 16u rh 17d ub 17g 109 17b,112 18e 104 17d,7a 1jj 6c 1jm,69 1jo 5v 1kc 5v 1l5 6r 1md 7r 1ml 96 1ml al 1m1 ae 1k2 7r 1je 6t 1jj,6c 1jo 5v 1ka,8n 1mn 8k 1o9 83 1oo,8n 1o4 96 1pu,7r 1n9 9g 1n9,b9 1qs bh 1ng,c7 1te cm 1no,cu 1uf dk 1nt,dp 1vd eq 1nv,f6 201 g4 1o4,gr 20d hh 1oc,is 20b iu 1oj,kg 20b kb 1oh,lm 20b lm 1or,bh 1nj b2 1nj b4 1mv cr 1n6 cr 1nl cm 1nl,dk 1nq d5 1no d8 1n4 f9 1n6 f4 1o2 eq 1o2,mp 208 mp 1or n8 1ot n3 1ne l9 1ne l9 1oc lj 1oo,nk 20b nn 1oj,ol 20g ol 1or,on 1or pg 1or pj 1ng n0 1ng,n0 1ne n8 1oo np 1oj,ke 1oh kv 1oe kv 1ms if 1ms ia 1oj iu 1oh,hk 1oc i3 1o9 i5 1mi fv 1mi fe 1nv g4 1o4,bj 1nq ch 1nl,dn 1o2 el 1nv,g4 1o7 hh 1oe,ip 1oj k6 1oh,lj 1oj mm 1om,np 1om on 1oo,ol 20b 13b 245,12i 261 tg 279 js 29a,id 2ak bh 1t3,dq 21d fe 207,dl 21f bk 22s,gf 226 ci 250,hf 23v d8 26p,j9 265 ej 28o,jv 27g fm 29t,ar 20h d8 1v7,ah 1ut cf 1tv,-1u 19d -4c 16o -4c 1aj 1f 1al t 17h -r 198 -1s 19g,-3j 198 -2s 19l,0 19v m 19d,-47 1ag -15 1c5 1a 1aj,-1k 1b9 -f 1b4,-qs 16h -18u 2mf -4k 56p -bn 65a,-jl 1c9 -lt 1jc,-jl 1c9 -go 1hg -en 1cg -d0 1hv -at 1d4 -85 1ht -9s 1pn -ck 1sc -fg 1t5 -iu 1qq -lh 1ls,-lh 1ll -lt 1ja,-j1 1ep -k4 1i4 -ji 1ll,-ji 1ln -i8 1pk -f9 1ro -cp 1qs -b2 1of -9q 1i2 -aq 1fn -cp 1ju -el 1gb -ha 1ja -j1 1em,-h0 1mv -fg 1p8 -d0 1n9,-go 1k0 -fg 1jc -f9 1ks -gc 1ju,-e1 1jf -e1 1ku -da 1kf -e3 1jm,-na 1ok -mp 1rj -pg 1v1 -ma 20g -sn 24v -nn 28i -h5 23i -na 1oh,-np 1ud -lo 1st,-on 1vb -oq 20j -o6 1vn,-128 2kb -13o 2mm,-13q 2mm -121 2nn -11u 2p4 -u4 2oq -uj 2kj -vt 2l9 -128 2kb,-11a 2lt -vt 2mp,-11u 2mr -10h 2ni,-e3 3jr -cf 3n9 -8k 3n4,-e3 3jr -gt 3lp -e6 3pr -8u 3pp -8u 3rn -4b 3o7 -8n 3jh -8k 3nb,-2a 4a3 -1 4cm -27 4en,-25 4a6 -t 490 1s 4bv 1q 4cm -g 4f3 0 4ge -3d 4gl -3d 4ce -2a 4ei,2o 52k i 52k,8 4v9 8 51a,-25 52d -j 52d -v 51r,0 54b 0 536,-l 52d -12 52u,-e 53l 0 531 n 53d,p 52u i 52n 16 520,-4 50t 8 51f 11 50r,2e 57s 2e 59o p 5bm k 59q,p 5bk 1v 5bk,-75 5r8 -33 5sd -2k 5po -5o 5nv -75 5ra,-59 5rn -5q 60k,-5t 60k -7r 62o,-5l 60f -3s 637,-54 5qa -4i 5q7,-3u 5qf -3k 5qc,-5b 5r3 -46 5ra,10v 18c 159 18e 156 2a1 2h 4b2,2j 4ev 3l 59f,t 5d7 7q 62r,-bl 657 -8k 665 -b1 69b -72 6b0,-72 6b2 -c2 6fm -1j 6gc -6t 6jl -1l 6l5,7o 62i 3c 65j 8u 675,8u 678 4u 6c8 b4 6eg,b4 6el 9k 6ib,-1t 6l0 -1g 6ph 6 6r0,8 6r8 -27 6v5,-1t 6vp -6 70p 3r 71s,3m 72b 37 745,35 73e 51 7i7,51 7i2 5q 7i7,9k 6id bt 6kt,d2 6lc d5 6p4,d5 6p9 ep 6rs,d2 6lk bo 6kr,ei 6rn i2 70k gq 763,gv 768 i5 7cb g4 7dm#G 3r 9r8 5k,G -33 a3s b8,S 78 1ks,S 91 1l1,G ig 2ah 1d0,G -fc 15u 17a
-I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

-fi yuo cna raed tihs, palce it in yuor porfiel-


You know you're living in 2010 when...

1.) You accidentally enter your password on a microwave.

2.) You haven't played solitare with real cards for years

3.) The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is they dont have a screen name or myspace

4.) You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the buttons on the TV

6.) Your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job.

7.) As you read this list you keep nodding and smiling.

8.) As you read this list you think about sending it to all your friends.

9.) And you were too busy nodding and smiling to notice there wasn't a number 5.

10.) You scrolled back up to see if there was a number 5.

11.) Now you are laughing at yourself stupidly.

12.) Put this in your profile if you fell for that, and you know you did

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