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Papa's Burgeria Walkthrough

Papa's Burgeria Walkthrough

How to Play:

You’re in charge of Papa’s Burgeria! You’ll have to take orders, grill and flip burgers, add the right toppings, and present the burgers to the waiting customers. The key to the game is multi-tasking: Can you keep up with the waiting customers while you’re grilling patties and building burgers? As you complete orders, you’ll earn tips to buy upgrades, and points to raise your ranking and gain new customers!

Use the mouse as the primary control throughout the game. The three color-coded buttons at the bottom of the screen will switch between "stations" (or screens).


When a customer is standing in line, click "Take Order" to take the order. Marty or Rita will copy the order onto an order ticket. Once the order is taken, the customer will wiat in the "Pick Up" line in the back. If a customer waits too long before you take the order, you lose points! If you take a long time preparing a customer's order, you lose points! You can buy upgrades for the lobby so customers won't mind waiting longer.


Click and drag a raw patty onto the grill to start cooking. Remember to cook your burger patties evenly, and click a patty to flip it over so both sides get cooked. When you roll the mouse over a burger patty, you can see how long it's been cooked, how even it's cooked, and its current temperature.

Each burger ordered has a preferred cooking time for the burger, color-coded on a timer. When each burger patty reaches the requested time, drag it to the stack on the right to remove it from the grill. After you remove a patty, it will start to cool off, so don't leave patties sitting too long! You can buy a Heat Lamp from the Upgrade Shop to keep patties warm longer.

Rare burgers should be cooked until the timer is in the blue zone. Medium burgers should be cooked until the timer is in the yellow zone, and well-done burgers should be cooked until the timer is in the red zone. Try to cook your burgers evenly, and flip a burger when it's halfway cooked!


To start building a burger, drag a bun heel to the center of the Topping Station. Check the customer’s order ticket, and drag toppings and burger patties onto a burger in the right order!To use sauces, click and drag the sauce bottle over a burger and release to squirt.

Drag a top bun onto a burger to put it on a tray and get ready for serving. Drag the customer’s ticket onto the stand on the tray to finish the order! You lose points if you have the wrong toppings or place then in the wrong order. Make sure you use burger patties that are cooked as they wanted! Don’t serve a rare burger if they wanted it well done!


When you finish an order, the customer will look at the burger and decide if you did a good job. If you do a great job, you'll get a large tip. If you do a poor job, you'll get a small tip -- or none! Icons will appear on the lower half of the screen to show your accuracy in each station: Waiting, Grilling, and Topping.

If you do a great job on a burger, the customer will also earn on a star on their Star Gauge. Fill the gauge completely to earn a Star Badge for that customer and a bonus tip. After a customer earns a Star Badge, they will tip more when they visit!


Each time your rank changes, new customers will visit the Burgeria! Click the "Menu" button and click "Customers" to view the customer file on each of your customers.

The File contains a portrait of each customer earned. Click on the portrait to learn more about the customer, and view their current Star Badge (if any). Keep leveling up to unlock all of the customers on your Customer File!


At the start of each day, you can visit the Upgrade Shop to spend tips you’ve earned. Posters for your lobby will let customers wait longer before you lose points, and other lobby items will let customers wait even longer. The doorbell will ring when a new customer enters. The heat lamp will keep patties warm after you take them off of the grill, and cooking timers will alert you when you should flip and remove burgers from the grill.

Grilling Tips:

You can remove the burger at any time within the correct color area. Don’t worry about removing a medium burger as soon as it hits the yellow area, you have some wiggle room in case you’re trying to cook it evenly.

When you take a burger patty off the grill, it will start to cool off. If a burger patty is getting cold when you serve the sandwich, you’ll get a lower score. Purchase a Heat Lamp from the Upgrade Shop to keep patties warm. Or just throw cold patties back on the grill for a few seconds!

Want to set it and forget it? Buy Cooking Timers in the Upgrade Shop for each color-coded time. Drag a timer onto a burger patty on the grill, and it will set off an alarm when it needs to be flipped and removed.

Plan ahead: You may want to start your day by starting 5 or 6 burger patties on the grill. Customers won’t have to wait as long (and will give you a better score) if the burger patties are cooked and ready – though be careful about them cooling off!

Here’s another way to plan ahead: Cook some burger patties until they’re almost finished, and then remove them from the grill. When a customer places an order, throw one of those almost-done patties back on the grill to warm it up and finish cooking. They’ll never know the difference!

If your stack of burgers is filling up with a bunch of mistakes and over-cooked patties, you can throw them in the garbage – drag them to trash chute in the top left of the Grill Station.

Topping Tips:

Make sure you place the toppings on the burger in the right order – these customers are picky! If things are out of order, you’ll lose some points.

Make sure you use the correct burger patties when building the sandwich. If they ordered a medium burger and you use a well-done patty instead, you’ll also lose some points.

Nobody likes a sloppy sandwich. Try to keep everything centered on the burger when you’re adding toppings and sauces. If you have lettuce and tomato hanging off the edges of the burger, you’ll get a lower score.

If you mess up while placing toppings on a sandwich, you can drag toppings back off of a burger to try again. Once you put that top bun on, you can’t rearrange it anymore! You also can’t remove sauces once you add them to a sandwich, or the toppings beneath the sauce.

Ticket Tips:

Drag order tickets to the side hook to make them larger (easier to read when topping burgers). For a quick glance, you can also drag a ticket towards the bottom of the screen to zoom in.

Organize tickets however you like on the ticket line. You might want to group tickets by doneness, or by whether they’re already cooking, or organizing them similar to how the burgers are placed on the grill.