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The Worlds Hardest Game Walkthrough

The Worlds Hardest Game Walkthrough

Game FAQ created by Doomkiller

The Worlds Hardest Game(FULL!!)

Level one: Go to the bottom left corner, the one you have access to. now, wait for the second from the bottom is on the other side , now move to the left. Right when the one above you passes you, go up to the top. Race to the other side, dodging the dot if you have to.

Level Two: Go to the left when the 2nd is down and the 1st is up. Now weave in and out until you get it. stay on the bottom side, never on the top. If you do it right, you will know right away.

Level three: The dots go your speed, so go to the top left of the green box, catch a ride on the blank, and get the yellow dot. Catch a ride again, moving right, and drop down.

Level four: The trick is that you can keep up if you are close to the middle. The second a "hand" passes, go down and get the first yellow dot. Staying at the bottom, cruise to the second, and jump out and get the 2nd, and back to the middle. Repeat, except this time, dont go back.

Level 5: Run to the third square from you. Then the fourth away (From where you are standing) Now the fifth, and run into the green dot. Go to the fourth one, going down. Continue to the fourth from the bottom. Sprint to the bottom, and three from the right. GO to the fourth from where you were. Third from the left. Fourth from the bottom. Safely until the turn to the green dot. Fourth from the left. Two to the right, three more, four more, three from the bottom, fifth from the right, second from the left, middle, second from the left, into the middle, and into the green.

Level 6: This level looks hard right? Wrong. Every corner is a safe spot. Also, where two pinwheels meet, on the top and bottom, in the middle of the line going down, is a safe spot. It should be easy with that.

Level 7: Wait until the first ball is up, and then run to the bottom. Go right, and keep going every time one goes up. Go to the end, grab the ball, and go into the safe spot. Go to the top and repeat this, going there, back, and back into the safe spot. The top part will be significantly harder to time, but it only took me one try, so I assume it wont take anyone, and I mean anyone, more than two tries. If you notice, like I did, that the middle between the two balls acts as a safe spot, it is temporary, I guarantee, and the balls will (For some weird reason) catch you if you move, almost at all.

Level 8: Go down, each time the ball circles go one step above its upward passage, making you untouchable by it, making it all the way down, and back up. Now, go to the left, hiding from the center ball, and quickly running into the top yellow ball, and back into the middles safety, and as quickly as possible running into your left green checkpoint. Get the bottom yellow ball, and retreat into safety.
(Sorry for not being descriptive on this one)

Level 9: Quickly, go down and left, into the passageway. Then, elude the ball for a second time, running into the bottom passageway. Elude the other two balls, making it to the checkpoint. I cant describe how to elude them, because frankly, its easy. Now, being in the checkpoint, go to the bottom edge. HOLD the bottom and left key. You should glide right past them. Get the yellow ball, and position yourself to glide back. Glide back (This might take two tries) and make your way past the ball to the upward passageway. Diagonally pass the two circles, and tada.

Level 10: All it this level is is a game of keep going. When one moves out of the way, go in its spot. It may take some tries.

Level 11: Go as fast as you can. It may seem slow but it isnt. Shouldnt be too hard.

Level 12: All you need to know if for the one that goes up and down the passageway, wait for it to go onto the other blocks, then sprint.

Level 13: Go up, hoping in and out and hoping the side to sides dont get you, and then wait-hop to the exit (I beat this one first try, by luck)

Level 14: Every corner (Of the pinwheel) is a safespot, but only for the pinwheel. Stay on the bottom, and go to the bottom left corner of the (first/second/third) pinwheel, and go slightly out of the up and downs range, and you are safe. The pinwheel will be touching you, but it doesnt matter! YOU HAVE TO BE OUT OF THE UP AND DOWN RANGE! The last corner(THE LAST, the EDGE) doesnt work!

Level 15: The very edge (In the middle of two squares) is a safespot if you want to risk it. Its mainly for a breather, so dont rely on it. Crisscross your way down, then stutter walk to the other side. The hardest part, believe it or not, is the quick up and down, because if you are off guard, it will get you, or the next passing row will. Keep trying! If you are good enough, you can get right into the middle between the up and down speedy and the others. It wont last for long! If you havent noticed, in the beginning you can go when you have to and you will be fine.
On the middle area, you have to go when you dont need to, otherwise you will get splattered on the other side. If the thing is about to get you, move to the side. Not through the passage.Watch out at the end!
Relax, you have made it halfway through. Take a breather. Now...

Level 16: You move when they move. You might make a few stray movements and get away with it. This is a hard level because they go slow and you want go go fast. Move when they move, and only when they do. Dont press to hard or you will run into the next blue dot!
OR! You can simply think of it as a giant pinwheel. They move, and you move between it. You will die several times for going too fast, but try it anyway. I beat it the first way.

Level 17. All this level is is five races going on at once. There arent any safe spots, so dont think of the corners as any. Keep trying variations. I believe there are three different times (Or versions) of the level when you can start(I dont mean restarting the game, i mean waiting, youll notice if you look.) keep trying! Look for the one where you near miss the first race. That is the one that worked for me. Use one passageway to go to the next!

Level 18: Easiest level ever. I suggest doing the top first. Just stutterwalk all the way to the otherside, up, back, to the otherside, and tada. Get the middle ones in your bottom run. The only hard part is the extra up motion. Dont be afraid to wait. Get everything you need by waiting and stuttering between two blocks, then moving on. I personally went to the top first, moving in this key: up left down. Continue that to the end, and hopefully make it into that green square. Tada. Do the easy down one now.

Level 19: After so long... DIAGONALS?? Ignore them completely and worry on the stutter walking. Only look at them on the ends. Pretty easy. Periodicly each square is hit by the diagonalls. Its all about when you go in. The problem is that you have to stutter in and out waiting for the ball to hit the next square and make it safe. Keep trying!

Level 20: Whew! That was tough. Side and up this time... ouchy. Every corner(Thingy) is safe, but not the straight corners(What?) For the first straight corner(Right above you, silly) you have to go fast. No waiting! Diaginal in, and then right out. If you do a straight diagonal, you will make it. Now go down and get the one to the left. Go up, this may take several tries, and get the top one. Go back. Sprint toward the next left one. Rinse and repeat. Finally, escape into the greenieness. For the first corner, wait until the side to side and the up and down go over eachother, then go.

Level 21: Fast stutter walking, and slow stutter walking. Fairly easy, considering the middle one is in the slow zone. The middles are safe spots, but not for long!

Level 22: ANOTHER REFLEX TEST! AHH! No tips here! The twirleys in the intersections are easy, just wait. Watch for the others! On this one, you cant stop, and there are circles to run! I personally practiced on the spinny things right away, making the slow spinners an even bigger problem, because after you have the spinnies down, the slow spinnies keep getting you. On this one...KEEP TRYING!

Level 23: WOW. This is the hard one. Remember the arm that turns clockwise, hits right below you, stops and goes back around. Right when the arm before than passes you, run toward the remembered arm. Spin with it, gathering the most that you can. When it is about to reach the end, reverse. If you dont like this idea... simply follow the first half and then.... Rinse and repeat. Finish up with a topping of gravy.

Level 24: Wait until the left and right ball is on the other side, then stutterwalk to the end, dodging the ball around halfway through. Hide in the gutter, and then continue to the end. Skip to the end, prancing around with joy. Watch out, if you take too long with this level, it will seem faster. Minimize the window, and then start again from either a checkpoint or the beginning. It will seem MUCH easier.

Level 25: The middle line is a safespot, but only in the middle of four balls. For ex. (: :) would be safe, while (- -) would not be. YOu have to stop using it halfway through, sway in and out, and make the transition to the twirley. Then use the stutter-wait on the last passage, but be careful of the twirley! And be careful of messing up the stutter on the second passageway. I do not recommend the stutter at the end, but if you could do it without it, you wouldnt be here, now would you? For the non-stutter users, for the second one, to survive, tap this is semi-quick succesion. (Holding left) Up up down down up up down down...etc.

Level 26: ALMOST THERE! Hold up and press left or right every time you hit the pits. Stutter walk for the left and right bottom ones.