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PRIOR Walkthrough

PRIOR Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the Flash game PRIOR. Refer to
this if you need a bit of assistance making your way
through the game. However, remember: You're never
"stuck", you just haven't solved the puzzle yet! ;)

This walkthrough takes you through the majority of the
game. However, it does not reveal any of the endings -
you'll have to travel the final step alone.

_______ _______ ______ ______ _______
| \ | \ | | / \ | \
| __ \ | __ \ |_ _| / __ \ | __ \
| | | | | | | | | | | / \ | | | | |
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| |__| | | |__| | | | | | | | | |__| |
| / | / | | | | | | | /
| ____/ | _ / | | | | | | | _ /
| | | | \ \ | | | | | | | | \ \
| | | | \ \ _| |_ | \__/ | | | \ \
| | | | | | | | \ / | | | |
|__| |__| |__| |______| \______/ |__| |__|


This walkthrough is structured room-by-room. Each section
is another room that you, the player, will traverse. For
quick searching, each room name is listed visibly on the
far left side of the page. Rooms are numbered based on
the order in which you visit them - the same room may
have different numbers if you visit it multiple times.

Of course, this walkthrough is simply a help tool.
If at any point you want to try blazing your own path, by
all means. PRIOR is your story - solve it how you like.

Here we go. From the beginning of the game...


Room 1

You will find yourself trapped in a small cell. Wait for
a few moments and an exit will open in the floor. Use the
WASD keys on the keyboard to move left and right, jump,
and crouch. Descend into the now-open hole, and proceed
down the hallway and into the next room.


Room 2

There is a dormant machine on the far side of the room,
with a wire leading from it. Follow the wire down into
the room below you.


Room 3

Continue following the wire deeper into the facility. It
will lead to another room, below you and to the left. Be
sure to inspect anything in this room that seems odd,
such as a scrap of paper lying about.


Room 4

This room is a dead-end, though it has one important
feature - a button. Climb the room's central pillar by
ascending the platforms at the far left side of the room.
In case you missed the note in the last room, you can
press [Q] to read any notes you find lying around. When
you have reached the button, jump and press down [S]
while in mid-air to push the button down, activating it.
Once the button is activated, return the way you came.


Room 5

Once again, follow the wire, this time ascending back the
way you came. Note that the wire is flashing - it seems
you have activated some machinery.


Room 6

You'll notice that the elevator is now activated. Ride it
up to the room's upper level. Once there, jump across the
hanging light fixtures and enter the upper level of the
adjacent left-hand room.


Room 7

You've already come a long way since you were trapped in
that cell. Continue down the hall to the next room, but
be sure to stop and inspect whatever you find intriguing.


Room 8

This room is itself a bit of a maze, but for now, there's
only one way to go - down. Drop to the room's lowest
level, and finally lower yourself into the room beneath


Room 9

This room is another dead-end, and is some sort of
experimental test-chamber. Drop to the room's lowest
section, and activate the button. You'll notice that you
have gained some new powers - where once you were unable
to escape from the hole you were trapper in, you can now
double-jump, or jump again in mid-air. Use your new
ability to return to the room you just came from.


Room 10

Now that you've gained the ability to double-jump, this
room has significantly opened up to you. Read any notes
that you find lying around for further insight to the
world around you. When you're done reading, head to the
room to your left, further away from where you started.
If at any point you find yourself getting lost, press [E]
to view a map.


Room 11

The corridor at the far left side of this room is
unaccessible to you... yet. For now, proceed upwards into
the room above you.


Room 12

Here you can make a choice. You can ascend either side of
this room, and move on accordingly. For the purposes of
this walkthrough, we will assume you go left, but do not
let that stop you from going right if you so choose.
Climbing up the shafts in this room can be difficult, but
do not lose hope. Use your double jump ability, and climb
to the top. Enter the room to the left, and continue to
explore the facility.


Room 13

This room can be a little tricky. You must walk or jump
off of the ledge in front of you, and time your mid-air
double jump to bound you onto the extended platform
below. If you fall into the pit, you can simply press
[R] to return to the beginning of the room. Once you've
made it onto the platform, proceed across the room and
out through the lower-left corridor.


Room 14

This room is simply a matter of mastering your mid-air
double jump ability. Climb to the top of the room, and
enter the room above.


Room 15

Some traditional platforming. There's only one other
exit in this room, and that is where you must go. Climb
up the two suspended platforms into the enclosed area on
the left, and then ascend the large vertical chamber.
Cross the upper portion of the room, and then exit upon
the far left wall, to the next area.


Room 16

Cross the top of the room - be sure to stop and read the
note on the way. Fall into the pit below, and read the
note here as well. Acquire the Z-7; "Grav Null" Device by
jumping into it. You now have the ability to disable
gravity! Press [SPACE] to toggle the Grav Null device.
Use it to assist your rise and escape from the pit in
which you're now trapped. Use the Grav-Null again to
overcome the large obstruction in the room's central
chamber. Finally, head through the remaining passages
and exit through the bottom of the room.


Room 17

You might want to activate the switch beside you to open
up a shortcut in this room. Once open, you can now easily
return back the way you originally came, to the left.


Room 18

Drop to the lower level of this room. Assuming you didn't
go there earlier, you must now climb up the right-hand
side of the chamber. It's tricky, but definitely doable.
Enter the room on to the right.


Room 19

There is a button here that must be activated. Press it,
and return to the previous room.


Room 20

Drop down to the lowest level of this room, and exit back
to the room below.


Room 21

Proceed back to the room on the right, through the short


Room 22

Jump onto the room's highest pillar, and use the Grav
Null device to ascend to the room above you.


Room 23

In this large open chamber, use the Grav Null to hover
into the area high above, and enter the room on the
right. If the corridor is blocked off, you still have to
press the button in the small alcove above. Refer to
ROOM 18-20 in this walkthrough.


Room 24

You need to first press the button above you to open up
this room's second chamber. Grav Null your way up, and
hit the button. Proceed through the now-open corridor at
the bottom of the room, and exit this room through the


Room 25

Here, you are presented with a choice - do you ascend,
and try to reach the surface? Or do you go on ahead, and
explore the facility further and deeper?

This is the end of the tutorial. There are three
different endings to this game, all of which can be
reached from this point. Explore, discover, and finish
the story of PRIOR.


If you are absolutely stuck, please contact:

With the email subject "PRIOR Walkthrough Help"

We get a fair amount of mail, but will try and respond
to your inquiry as soon as possible, and will definitely
respond to every email received.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed PRIOR, and if you have any
feedback or comments we'd love to hear them!


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