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Wentworth Walkthrough

Wentworth Walkthrough

Wentworth the space cat has accidentally unleashed the terrible forest golem onto the land of the fairies and must stop him before it causes any more destruction! Use this handy guide to help you figure out how to do that.


Point and click with your mouse to explore and solve puzzles. Look for white highlights when mousing over the screen to find interactable hotspots. When you collect an item, it will appear in your inventory in the upper left part of the screen. Click on items in your inventory to arm them, then click interactable hotspots to use the item on that hotspot.

The space station

Click the missed messages.
Grab the bucket and potted plant.
Open the hatch.
Click the bucket in the inventory to arm it.
Click the yellow rope to put the bucket on the rope.

Planting the tree

Go to the river.
Use star dust to grow the little branch on the other side of the river.
Go to the hilltop.
Use the tree sapling on the dirt spot, then grow it with the start dust.
Go to the river. After the short cutscene, go back to the tree with bucket.

Getting your bucket back

After the gnome talks to you, go right to the bridge.
Use the star dust on the grass behind the troll.
Click the grass again to take some of it.
Go back to the tree, down past the gnome's house and right to the cloverfield.
Give the grass to the ram.
Now go back up to the bridge and go right.
Get the toadstool.
Go to the gnome and give him the toadstool.
Now you can take a tobacco leaf from the gnome's garden.
Go up to the tree and left to the sunflower.
Place the tobacco leaf on the hook plant.
Grow the sunflower with star dust to dry the leaf.

Take the leaf back.

Go to the cloverfield.
Put the sun-dried tobacco leaf in the pipe.
Now stand in the clearing behind the rock to hide and wait for the leprechaun to appear.
After you get your bucket back, return to the tree and watch the cutscene.

Reach the Oracle for wisdom on stopping the Golem

First, go left of the sunflower to the guardian tree.
Click on the guardian's face to talk to him.Get the fairy dust
Go to the gnome's garden and take the toadstool back.
Return to the river to discover a new path upward has opened up. Go up and right to the dirt pile.
Plant the toadstool in the dirt.
Use the star dust on the toadstool to grow it.
Go up the tree and left across the big toadstool.
Talk to the fairy once you've arrived on the cliff top to upgrade your duster to include fairy dust with the power to make things float.
Get the pixie dust.
Now go right of the bridge.
Use the duster on the big rock with the hole in it. The duster now has 2 powers to choose from, grow and float. Use float for the rock.
Go down into the hole into the pixie's lair.
Take the teapot.
Go up on the left side.
Pick up the primrose flower.
Return to the river, and ue the teapot on the water to fill it up.
Return to the sunflower to make the water boil.
Back underground in the pixie's lair, put the primrose in the tea cup and pour the boiling water into the tea cup.
Talk to the newly appeared pixie. He'll upgrade your duster to include pixie dust with the power to turn things into gold.
Return to the guardian tree and use the duster with all 3 powers on the holes. Listen to the oracle.

Gathering the twigs for the Protection Boon

Get the ash twig:
After hearing from the oracle, take the climbing ivy next to him.
At the bridge, use the climbing ivy on the vines.
Use the grow power on the vines with ivy.
Go up the ivy and use gold on the eggs to drop the ash branch down.
Return to the bridge to pick up the ash twig.
Get the thorn twig:
Go to the gnome's house.
Float the mushroom and turn it to gold with your duster.
Grab the thorn twig.
Get the oak twig:
Go up from the river to the hill.
Use the duster on the green chestnut to turn it to gold and get it.
Go to the sunflower and give the chestnut to the squirrel.
Use the duster on the acorn to grow it.
Pick up the oak twig.
Talk to the oracle to get the protection boon.
Go to the hilltop and click the green golem to defeat him.