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Please Stop Running Walkthrough

Please Stop Running Walkthrough

Please Stop Running
Advanced Running Techniques

Warning: this document contains advanced running technique. Running is dangerous and can seriously damage your health. Please do not attempt this at home or without the supervision of fully qualified health professional.

Free Running:
Your position on screen may move left or right during your running session.
If you move too far to the left you will fall off the edge of the screen.
If you move too far to the right you drastically reduce the visibility of on-coming hazards.
It is recommended to stay approximately one quarter to one half of the screen from the left edge.

If you collide with objects on screen, or get hit by Guardians or bullets, you will move to the left.
If you collect a Sprint Token, or Roll or Slide, you will move to the right.
Use this knowledge to maintain a safe position on screen.

You can reduce how tripping over objects affects you by purchasing the Trip Less Upgrade from the store.
You can increase the duration of your sprints by purchasing the Sprint Upgrade from the store.

Rolling is a good way to move to the right on the screen.
Rolling permits you to pass obstacles like barrels without being tripped.
Rolling also activates your personal shield making you invulnerable to weapons fire.
Caution: you cannot jump during the early part of a roll, you must make sure there is sufficient room to complete the roll before commencing or you make fall between buildings!

Sliding is an extension of Rolling.
You will start to slide if you attempt to fire your weapon while Rolling.
Sliding has all the benefits of rolling and also permits weapon firing whilst remaining low.
Sliding is dangerous and is not recommended under any circumstances!

You may control the height of each jump by holding the jump button for long or short periods.
Higher jumps will also travel further because your speed is not affected.
You can shoot while you are jumping.
If you purchase the Double Jump upgrade you can jump a second time while you are still in the air from your first jump. This may be particularly helpful when missiles are guided at your location.

You can aim and fire your weapon using the mouse.
Each click of the mouse button will fire a sequence of five rapid fire shots.
If you move the mouse while the shots are emerging, you can fire a spread which may increase your chance of hitting the target.
Guardians in later levels are significantly tougher than in the early levels. To compensate, consider upgrading your weapon to fire semi-guided rockets. Rockets do substantially more damage than the default laser option, and they are capable of guiding themselves to the nearest suitable target.

If you purchase a Self Shield Upgrade, you will be protected at all times against incoming weapons fire. Please note that the shield cannot protect you against concentrated fire, and will gradually turn from bright white to a dull red, before running out of charge.
The shield will regenerate it's charge if you can avoid further damage for a period of time. It requires approximately 20 seconds to recharge to it's full defensive capabilities.

Guardians may be ordered to stop you from running. They may use various levels of force, including a forcible shove or in extreme circumstances with weapons fire. You should always comply with the Guardians, they are there to protect YOU.
In the event you decide not to comply with the Guardians, you may choose to Jump over them, or Roll or Slide past them. This is not recommended.

Drones are here to observe and protect you. Shooting drones is dangerous and therefore forbidden. Drones are the eyes of Mother, Mother watches you for your own protection.

Heli's may occasionally fly by your position. You will often see them in the distance before they approach you. They are harmless unless antagonised. Please leave them to do their jobs and do not destroy them. Heli's are equipped with anti-personel mines which may be reluctantly deployed in extreme circumstances. If you see an anti-personel mine in your path it is recommended that you Jump over it, or Roll or Slide past it. It will detonate when you are near, but your personal Roll shield will deflect the blast.

Turrets are purely defensive installations. Vandalism of turrets is considered a Social Nuisance Crime and may lead to reprimands or a severe talking to. Please leave our turrets as you would wish to find them.

Flying Guardians are the Elite Guardians. If you see one please stand quietly and salute with both hands empty and held high until it has finished it's inspection. Failure to comply may result in unfortunate accidents, including serious injury or death. Flying Guardians are very tough and will not normally abandon an inspection until completely satisfied that all is well.

Reinforcement Heli's are extremely large. You may see one in the distance before it flies past your position. They are laden with many Guardians who are being transported to an unsafe region. It is unwise to shoot at these heli's or they may decide that your position is an unsafe region and commence disembarking their cargo.

Remote Jet Aircraft are the very best in peace-keeping technology. Armed with multiple heat-seeking ground to air missiles and capable of remarkable high-speed attack runs. If you see one of these Jet Aircraft in the distance, you may wish to protect your ears in case it flies by your position. In the unfortunate situation where you are between a Jet and it's target, commence a Roll and with luck your personal shield will protect you against the inevitable explosions. Do not under any circumstances attempt to leap over the missiles or shoot down the Jet... this is foolhardy in the extreme!

Final Note:
Running is Dangerous. Please do not run.
Running with loaded firearms is extremely dangerous. Don't even consider it.
Jumping across rooftops whilst holding a loaded firearm is insanely dangerous. Really.
Rolling and/or sliding on rooftops, with a loaded firearm, a corps of mindless but violent Guardians, a variety of flying weapons and a pitiful selection of upgrades... sounds like fun.

Please Stop Running. There is nowhere to go.