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The Several Journeys of Reemus Walkthrough

The Several Journeys of Reemus Walkthrough

Game FAQ created by Divolurr

Easy to use walkthrough. Not mine, but helped get me through it.

First lvl:
1. open the climate control thingy (it looks like a big clock)
2. move the rock on the wall there is a bee battery, click on it
3. click on top of big carrot, the second battery is there
4.get the little rock by Reemus foot
5. set clock on spring and click the cocoon
6. set clock on summer and click on all the berrys, now click on Reemus to throw the rock
7. set clock on winter
8. click on all tongues and they will stick to the polls
9. click on Reemus again to go next lvl

Second lvl:
1. click on the orange fire bug thingy, a blue bug should appear and drink from the plant on the ceiling
2. click on the tiny green dots by Reemus to flowers
3. click on the horned worm - it comes to you
4. click Reemus to scare the worm and to knock the sponge into pool
5. click on plant closes to Reemus so that it's pointing to pool
6. click on insect that drinks and pool is filled with water
7. click on Reemus to jump
8. click on the vine thingy that's near Reemus' foot (be sure not to click Reemus or else you'll die!)
9. set the tube/cannon thingy (it's behind Reemus) so that it is pointing up to the ceiling
10. click on the fire bug 2 times to shatter the crystal, a piece should fall off into the sponge and blind the eye
11. click Reemus to next go to the next lvl

Third lvl: *note that you only have a limited amount of time, so try to be quick*
1. click Reemus to jump on slug on the slug, the ground will fall from under you and you'll go into the water(now you only have a limited amount of time)
3. wait until the ant brings a rock, then click on the green bat
4. timing is key here, you have to click on the rock that the ant puts down just in time for the arm to take it instead of the egg. the frog spits it the rock into the bat knocking it down
5. click on Reemus to jump
6. while you're trying to climb up, the bat will try to grab and kill you so click on the rock above it's head (it's on the ceiling where the bat was before falling) to knock the bat back out, you'll automaticlly go to the next lvl

Fourth lvl:
1. click on cake that the ant is holding to drop some crumbs
2. click torch and light it with the second torch
3. click on green rock above Reemus head to knock out the guard ant
4. now click on that ant and it will fall down and get beheaded on the way! ekk! lol
5. click on the head and the spear, then on Reemus
6. click on the second crumb and give it to the froggy thingy, now you're on your way to see the queen
7. click the sponge (looks like a grey rock) to push it into the crack
8. click on the fire bug 4 times to soak the sponge with water and poison
9. click the sponge to pick it up, then click on it again to give it to queen
10. she's dead! you win with the legendary ending!