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Tactical Assassin Walkthrough

Tactical Assassin Walkthrough

Game FAQ created by zilverarmor13

Location: Chicago, Illinois, October of the 2004.
Weapon: Steyr Scout Tactical 7.62mm.
Controls: Aim and shoot to the head with the mouse.

Mission 1: The keyless door.

Code: Nokey.

Description: You will start as a sniper of a new assassin organization. Your new client G.M. Erwin is interested in the organization. He needs to test your abilities by an innitiation. You need to kill the doorman of the F.M.G. building.

Objectives: Primary -Shoot the doorman.
Secondary -Do not shoot civilians.

Guide: There are three sticks on the screen, one on the left sitting on the stool, other on the middle down the traffic lights, and the last one recharged on a wall.

How to win: The stick recharged on the wall is the doorman. The other two are civilians. Shoot the doorman on the head and you will success.

Mission 2: Weapons cache.

Code: Cache.

Description: Your client is pretty happy with your work. He puts you to stop a weapon trading. Your objective is the head arms dealer that is planning to sell explosives to the F.M.G. militia.

Objectives: Primary -Shoot the head arms dealer.
Secondary -Kill the dealer�s body guard before.
-Do not be detected.

Guide: There are three sticks, one on the roof holding a weapon, the second on the left room recharged to a wall, and the last one on the right room reading.

How to win: If you shoot the one holding the weapon, you will be detected. Shoot the one recharged on the wall (he is the body guard). Then shoot the dealer while he reads and it is mission complete.

Mission 3: Last steps.

Code: Steps.

Description: The people of your client were wrong and confused the arms dealer, so your target was the director of illegal import. The good side is that the body guard was the right one. And your client is now offering double.

Objectives: Primary â�"Kill the real arms dealer.
Secondary â�"Do not be detected.

Guide: A limousine will arrive and a stick will get out of it. He is the only stick so if you do not know who is your target you are a complete idiot.

How to win: He will walk to a wall, if he enters there, all is over. You only have one shot, so aim carefully and kill him when he shows the entire head.

Mission 4: Subway station.

Code: Train

Description: An agent the F.M.G. militia has infiltrated in your agency and is the responsible from the confusion of the arms dealer. Stop him at the subway before he escapes.

Objectives: Primary â�"Kill the agent.
Secondary â�"Do not kill civilians.

Guide: A train will arrive with the agent reading inside it. Do not get confused by the great number of people.

How to win: The train will stop for some seconds, in that moment move to the right and there you will see the agent reading. Quickly shoot him.


Shoots taken-The best are 5

Hits on targets-The best are 5

Accuracy-The best is 100%

Missions failed-The best are 0

Civilians killed-The best are 0

Location: Baghdad, Iraq, December of the 2004.
Weapon: Colt M4A1 5.56mm. + Supressor + Scope.
Controls: Aim and shoot to the head with the mouse.

Mission 5: Ethnic cleansing.

Code: Clean.

Description: The militia in Chicago was only a small branch of a big illegal organization. The base is located in Baghdad. You are sent there to kill some agents from the militia that are killing every person with another religion.

Objectives: Primary â�"Shoot the agents.
Secondary â�"Do not be detected.

Guide: You will see the four sticks ordered in up, down, left, and right. The left one is sleeping. You can shoot any stick you want, but after you kill one, a chain reaction will trigger and other stick will try to set up advice.

How to win: The best way is leaving the one sleeping to the end. Well, the problem is that you need to find the one that is advising and kill him before he finishes, then kill the other that is advising and so. So follow this routine and you will win:

-The stick up.
-Then the one on the right.
-After it, the one down.
-And finally the one sleeping.

Mission 6: Dockside meeting.

Code: Docks.

Description: You need to kill an Iraqi agent before he enters to a meeting with a scientist ready to sell him dangerous chemicals. Both will bring body guards.

Objectives: Primary â�"Shoot the agent.
Secondary â�"Do not be detected.

Guide: There are four sticks. One walking, other inside a room on the left, and the last ones are holding weapons.

How to win: The agent is the one walking. Try killing the agent inside the corridor before he enters. If you kill him in any other place you will be detected. You will see the corridor through the window.

Mission 7: The rendevous.

Code: Panic

Description: The negotiator of the militia has been sent to discuss a program of protection for the militia with the police chief. The meeting will take place in the city limits with no guards.

Objectives: Primary â�"Kill the negotiator.
Secondary â�"Kill the police chief.
-Do not let them escape.

Guide: The both targets will be clearly seen. One will come walking and the other will be waiting.

How to win: You need to kill both targets before they escape. You have until they finish talking. Is very simple, after you kill one, the other will run. Kill him before he escapes.


Shoots taken-The best are 7

Hits on targets-The best are 7

Accuracy-The best is 100%

Missions failed-The best are 0

Civilians killed-The best are 0

Wait until part 2.