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Pragaras Walkthrough

Pragaras Walkthrough

Pick up balloon and bottle. Mix them. Go right till you get outside.

Pick up flowers, stab the lady.

Go right till you are inside abortions machine.

Transform (this action is in your inventory. In the hand section) and take out the plug.
Go right till you reach the pipe. Get inside that pipe.

Swim upwards till you see the trees. Then swim right till you get on coast.

Pick up dogs voice "auuu" and mooses head. Scare one guy with the head and another with the voice "auuu". Take the golden key and the knife. Go next to the turtle. Transform. Set him free with the knife. Go back left and free the fish by pulling the lever of the little machine.

Get into the water and let the fish eat you. Now you control the fish. Swim upwards. The wave will blast you down again. Then swim into the black mouth. Swim right and eat the Earth.

Climb the ladders and rotate the camera so that it points at men on the balcony. Get down and walk into cafe. Walk right till your reach the ladders. Transform. Pick up the little guy and climb upwards. Put the little man on the table.

Type STOP with keybord. Turn on the slot machine by pulling the lever, then press on all three slots (which are further to the right).

Go right till you reach dirty thing at the corner of the screen. Blow all the dirt from it. Take the arrow which is rotating. Take the little engine which felt from one of the machines. Then walk to the pillar that is damaged. Stamp near it. Transform. Walk on the pillars to the pigeon. Mix arrow and engine. Use it on the cage.

Walk right till the second ladder. Climb them. Walk left to the ice-cream machine. Take some ice-cream. Climb down the ladders. Walk left to the first ladders. Climb them. Walk right and put ice-cream near the flies. Take ice-cream with flies. Walk left and take golden ring. Climb down the ladders. Climb on the second ladders again. Walk right and give ice-cream with flies to two black guards. Walk inside the house. Throw the golden ring on the ground. Take the golden key. Get out of the house, climb down the ladder. Go to the middle of the screen unlock the door with the key. Go near the brown hatch on the ground. Transform. Open it up. Fall down. Transform again. Press the red button.

Walk right till you exit.