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Griswold The Goblin Walkthrough

Griswold The Goblin Walkthrough

-TAKE matches, LIFT rock and TAKE cockroach.
-Walk outside and TAKE blue mushroom.
-Walk down then right to the lumberjack, TALK to him, then go down to the tree.
-LOOK at the bear in his branches.
-Go right twice and TALK to the sad girl.
-Return to the tree and TALK with him.
-Go up and TALK with the lumber jack.
-Play tree chopping game until you win then return to the tree and TALK to him.
-TAKE bear and give it to the sad girl and receive the corn chips.
-Return to the scene outside your home and then go right until you reach the scene with the chicken.
-USE the chips on the chicken to keep him still, then TAKE him.
-Go right one scene and TAKE an apple off the ground.
-LOOK at the apple in your inventory and TAKE the worm.
-Go to the scene in-between the tree and the where the stuff is being sold and USE the chicken on Gavin the Goblin.
-TAKE the keys off the ground and USE to unlock the cell.
-Go up to the door of Oscars Oddities and USE hand to open door.
-TALK to Oscar and TAKE the scuba gear.
-Go to the fruit stall outside the shop and TAKE a banana while the man is asleep.
-Go right twice from here and TAKE the book and the 3 potion bottles from the bin.
-Go back to town then go down then left into the house and TALK with the old lady.
-Go back outside then left three times until you reach the salty beach
-USE all your bottles in the sea to fill with salt water (as in spell book) then go down and TALK with the fisherman on the pier.
-TAKE worm and give to fisherman. Leave the screen then return and TALK with the fisherman again for him to give you a fish. TAKE the fish
-Go back to the scene outside the old ladies house then go down to the farm and USE the matches to set fire to the scarecrow (keep off the grass!). TAKE the petrol can
-Go right one screen and USE the banana in the river - the monkey will jump after it, then cross the bridge.
- Go right from here and enter the graveyard.
- Go down one screen to find the eyes (cat) hiding in a tree to the right of the screen.
-TALK to it then click USE the fish and it will jump out to you. TAKE the cat and go back to the old ladies house and USE it to get the fur ball.
-Back to the graveyard and go up once.

----- Mini Game -----
You’re now stuck in a coffin. Before your air runs out keep clicking on Griswold's feet to make him bang on the roof until it breaks open.

-TAKE the bat and walk out of the door. You won’t get attacked again.
-Go to the scene right of the Bridge with the monkey then go up one screen and USE the scuba gear on the waterfall to get in the water (select ‘yes’).

----- Mini Game -----
Swim through the underwater cave as quickly as you can and go up into each air pocket to get your air back. Continue to swim until you reach the surface.

-Inside the cave is a dragon that will kill you if it sees you.
-INVISIBITY POTION: Click one of the vials you got from the bin USE the cat hair and the bat on it and then click on yourself with the potion.
-Walk up to the dragon and TAKE a handful of scales.
-Go all the way back to the gate blocking the path up the mountains and make the meteor spell by putting in the petrol and the scale light it and then click on the wall.
-METEOR POTION: Click one of the vials you got from the bin USE the dragon scales and the petrol on it and then click on the gate with the potion.
-The castle door is locked out front, but walk up and there is a small side door with the word “Staff Only” written on it.
-Go in and walk right to a scene with bookshelves.
-Click on the book shelf until you pull out a book (second shelf up – about 3 books in) and the shelf will slide over, taking you into the lair.
----- Mini Game/Movie -----
-Clicking on different areas in the scene will do different things.
- If you take too long to decide, he hits you with a lightning spell and you die.
*Bear in mind you have to wade through the whole lair section if this happens*
- Click on the balcony area to blow up the castle and select ‘yes’ to escape

----- Mini Game/Movie -----
-Now you have to use the left and right arrow keys to navigate your way safely down the mountain, avoiding all trees, stumps and (not sure what the red things are!)