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Medieval Rampage Walkthrough

Medieval Rampage Walkthrough

Table of Contents

1. The Basics
A. Controls
B. Objective

2. The Monsters
A. Health
B. Effects
C. Bosses

3. The Shop
A. How Health Works
B. Selling Items
C. Arrow Requirements
D. Skill, Speed, Armor, Health
E. Enchanting your bow

4. Weapon / Arrow Strengths
A. Better bows shoot more arrows
B. Damage bonuses for Bows
C. Damage bonuses for Arrows

5. The Strategy
A. Circle Enemies
B. Buy plenty of arrows
C. Save up for better bows
D. Pick up money and bows

6. Survival Mode
A. No Shop
B. Pick up arrows

7. Cheats
A. How to access the cheat screen
B. Description of each cheat
C. Can't get achievements in cheat mode

8. Armors
A. Achievements needed for each armor
B. The effects of each armor

9. Achievements
A. List each achievement and how to get it

Medieval Rampage: The Forsaken Pass

The Basics:

The objective of the game is to kill the enemies, without getting hit.

Use The WASD(recommended) or the Arrow Keys to move.

The Enemies:

Regular Enemies:

Kordul, Sathir, Ortug, Atugor, Dronder, Tungurd, Cazgur, Uroth, Fazgor, Farodun

Kordul -

Health: 1
Abilities: None
Drops: None
Fist Appears at Level: 1

Sathir -

Health: 2
Abilities: Runs fast
Drops: Short Bow & Light Arrows (Survival Mode)
Fist Appears at Level: 1

Ortug -

Health: 3
Abilities: Tries to avoid your attacks
Drops: Short Bow & Light Arrows (Survival Mode)
Fist Appears at Level: 1

Atugor -

Health: 5
Abilities: Shoots a fireball from his hand
Drops: Long Bow & Heavy Arrows (Survival Mode)
Fist Appears at Level: 2

Dronder -

Health: 7
Abilities: Teleports & Runs Fast
Drops: Long Bow & Heavy Arrows (Survival Mode)
Fist Appears at Level: 4

Tungurd -

Health: 20
Abilities: Charges if you get to close, Summons Sathirs
Drops: Composite Bow & Fire Arrows (Survival Mode)
Fist Appears at Level: 7

Cazgur -

Health: 35
Abilities: Shoots a triple fireball attack from his sword
Drops: Composite Bow & Fire Arrows (Survival Mode)
Fist Appears at Level: 11

Uroth -

Health: 50
Abilities: Runs Fast, Dodges Attacks
Drops: Cross Bow & Ice Arrows (Survival Mode)
Fist Appears at Level: 14

Fazgor -

Health: 90
Abilities: Teleports, Shoots 4 fireballs in all diagonals
Drops: Cross Bow & Ice Arrows (Survival Mode)
Fist Appears at Level: 17


Health: 150
Abilities: Summons Atugors
Drops: Compound Bow & Electric Arrows (Survival Mode)
Fist Appears at Level: 22


Shocknor, Kagoru, Korthag, Azgorg, Vandoru

Shocknor -

Health: 300
Abilities: Shoots a wind wave, summons Sathirs
Money given on death: 200

Kagoru -

Health: 800
Abilities: Summons Atugors
Money given on death: 500

Korthag -

Health: 1300
Abilities: Shoots a wind wave, summons Tungurds
Money given on death: 1000

Azgorg -

Health: 3000
Abilities: Shoots a wind wave, summons Cazgurs
Money given on death: 2000


Health: 5000
Abilities: Shoots a wind wave, summons Faroduns
Money given on death: (When you kill him you've beaten the game, you don't need any money :P)

The Shop:

First Page:

Each health potion you buy revives 10 health points, the cost of the potion is based on the level you're about to enter x 10.

As well as buying items in the shop you also have the ability to sell items which become very valuable later in the game when enemies start droping valuable bows.

To sell an item simply click on it and click the sell button, note, in order to sell arrows you must have at least 100 of them.

Certain arrows require certain bows in order to purchase -

Regular Arrows - No Requirement
Light Arrows - Must own a Long Bow
Heavy Arrows - Must own a Composite Bow
Ice Arrows - Must own a Cross Bow
Fire Arrows - Must own a Cross Bow
Electric Arrows - Must own a Compound Bow

Second Page:

For every level you complete you will get some Enchantment Points as well as Upgrade points which can be used to upgrade your skills and enchant your bows

Upgrade Points -

The Skill upgrade allows you to do 1/4 more damage per shot per time upgraded
The Speed upgrade increases your characters speed
the Armor upgrade makes enemies do less damage to you when they hit you
The Health upgrade increases your maximum health

Enchantment Points -

Select the bow you wish to upgrade, and click the upgrade button to enchant it.
Each enchantment will make your bow substantially faster

Bow and Arrow Strengths:

The Strength of your shot is calculated by "(BowStrength x ArrowStrength) + (SkillUpgrades / 4)"

Bow Strengths

Short bow - 1
Long Bow - 1.33
Composite Bow - 1.33
Cross Bow - 1.66
Compound Bow - 1.66

Arrow Strengths

Regular Arrows - 1
Light Arrows - 1.33
Heavy Arrows - 1.66
Ice Arrows - 2
Fire Arrows - 2.33
Electric Arrows - 2.66

Bow Effects

Short bow - Shoots 1 arrow
Long Bow - Shoots 1 arrow
Composite Bow - Shoots 2 arrows
Cross Bow - Shoots 2 arrows
Compound Bow - Shoots 3 arrows


Random tips -

Fazgors only shoot diagonally so staying to out of those four areas will help you dodge their attacks.

kill enemies that the bosses summon first, waiting to kill these enemies will lead cause a lot of problems (especially with the last boss!).

Circle the enemies, a lot of the enemies range attacks can be avoided by moving in a constant circle around them.

Stack up on high level arrows, electric arrows are almost three times as powerful as regular arrows making them incredibly important later.

Collect money and bows as much as possible, not running out of money at the end of the game is vital.

Survival Mode:

This mode is very similar to the normal campaign mode, but you never have a chance to enter the shop.

To make up for this bow drops become much more common and you have the ability to pick up arrows as you fight.

It is important to note that normal arrow requirements do NOT apply in this mode.

When new enemies come:

Enemy - Kills at which the enemies begins to appear

Kordul - 0
Sathir - 0
Ortug - 0
Atugor - 20
Dronder - 50
Tungurd - 80
Cazgur - 120
Uroth - 170
Fazgor - 230
Farodun - 300


To enter Cheat Mode hold down "Shift + Right" at the same time. You will not be able to get any achievements or submit your score in this mode. Cheat mode will end when you reach the main menu.

Night Mode:

What it Does: Makes the level go dark, no physical effect on the game.
Achievements Needed: 10

All Bows:

What it Does: Gives you 99 of each bow
Achievements Needed: 20

Maximum Arrows:

What it Does: Gives you 99999 of each arrow type
Achievements Needed: 30

Maximum Money:

What it Does: Gives you 99999 money
Achievements Needed: 40

Super Speed:

What it Does: Makes you Character move extremely fast
Achievements Needed: 50

Maxed Stats:

What it Does: Upgrades Skill, Speed, Armor, Health all the way and Enchants all the bows to their max
Achievements Needed: 60

Rapid Fire:

What it Does: Makes your bows fire at a rapid speed
Achievements Needed: 70


What it Does: You can't lose any health
Achievements Needed: 80

Golden Arrows:

What it Does: This arrow will continue to go forward until it runs off the screen no matter what's in its way
Achievements Needed: 90


Default Armor

Effect: None
Achievements Needed: 0

Level 1 Armor

Effect: Gives you 25% more money per pile of coins picked up
Achievements Needed: 20

Level 2 Armor

Effect: Slowly regenerates your health
Achievements Needed: 40

Level 3 Armor

Effect: Does 1 extra damage point when you hit an enemy with any arrow
Achievements Needed: 60

Level 4 Armor

Effect: Makes all bow drops twice as likely
Achievements Needed: 80

Level 5 Armor

Effect: Has the effects of all the previous armors
Achievements Needed: 90

Achievements (Most are self-explanatory):

1. Kill 100 Enemies
Description: Kill 100 Enemies

2. Kill 300 Enemies
Description: Kill 300 Enemies

3. Kill 1000 Enemies
Description: Kill 1000 Enemies

4. Kill 3000 Enemies
Description: Kill 3000 Enemies

5. Complete Campaign
Description: Complete Campaign

6. Play for 5 Minutes
Description: Play for 5 Minutes

7. Play for 15 Minutes
Description: Play for 15 Minutes

8. Play for 30 Minutes
Description: Play for 30 Minutes

9. Play for 60 Minutes
Description: Play for 60 Minutes

10. Play for 120 Minutes
Description: Play for 120 Minutes

11. Kill 20 Enemies in Survival
Description: Kill 20 Enemies in Survival

12. Kill 50 Enemies in Survival
Description: Kill 50 Enemies in Survival

13. Kill 100 Enemies in Survival
Description: Kill 100 Enemies in Survival

14. Kill 200 Enemies in Survival
Description: Kill 200 Enemies in Survival

15. Kill 500 Enemies in Survival
Description: Kill 500 Enemies in Survival

16. Buy Light Arrows
Description: Buy Light Arrows

17. Buy Heavy Arrows
Description: Buy Heavy Arrows

18. Buy Ice Arrows
Description: Buy Fire Arrows

19. Buy Fire Arrows
Description: Buy Ice Arrows

20. Buy Electric Arrows
Description: Buy Electric Arrows

21. Buy a Long Bow
Description: Buy a Long Bow

22. Buy a Composite Bow
Description: Buy a Composite Bow

23. Buy a Cross Bow
Description: Buy a Cross Bow

24. Buy a Compound Bow
Description: Buy a Compound Bow

25. Score 100 in a game
Description: Score 100 in a game

26. Score 500 in a game
Description: Score 500 in a game

27. Score 1000 in a game
Description: Score 1000 in a game

28. Score 2000 in a game
Description: Score 2000 in a game

29. Score 5000 in a game
Description: Score 5000 in a game

30. Score 10000 in a game
Description: Score 10000 in a game

31. Fully Upgraded Skill
Description: Fully Upgraded Skill Level During a Game

32. Fully Upgraded Armor
Description: Fully Upgraded Armor Level During a Game

33. Fully Upgraded Health
Description: Fully Upgraded Health Level During a Game

34. Fully Upgraded Speed
Description: Fully Upgraded Speed Level During a Game

35. Fully Enchanted Short Bow
Description: Fully Enchanted Short Bow

36. Fully Enchanted Long Bow
Description: Fully Enchanted Long Bow

37. Fully Enchanted Composite Bow
Description: Fully Enchanted Composite Bow

38. Fully Enchanted Cross Bow
Description: Fully Enchanted Cross Bow

39. Fully Enchanted Compound Bow
Description: Fully Enchanted Compound Bow

40. S - All bows collected
Description: In Survival Mode - All bows Collected

41. Unlocked Cheat 1
Description: Unlocked Cheat 1 - Obtain 10 Achievements

42. Unlocked Cheat 2
Description: Unlocked Cheat 2 - Obtain 20 Achievements

43. Unlocked Cheat 3
Description: Unlocked Cheat 3 - Obtain 30 Achievements

44. Unlocked Cheat 4
Description: Unlocked Cheat 4 - Obtain 40 Achievements

45. Unlocked Cheat 5
Description: Unlocked Cheat 5 - Obtain 50 Achievements

46. Unlocked Cheat 6
Description: Unlocked Cheat 6 - Obtain 60 Achievements

47. Unlocked Cheat 7
Description: Unlocked Cheat 7 - Obtain 70 Achievements

48. Unlocked Cheat 8
Description: Unlocked Cheat 8 - Obtain 80 Achievements

49. Unlocked Cheat 9
Description: Unlocked Cheat 9 - Obtain 90 Achievements

50. Play Again
Description: Load the game twice

51. Short Bow Drop
Description: Short Bow Drop From an Enemy

52. Long Bow Drop
Description: Long Bow Drop From an Enemy

53. Composite Bow Drop
Description: Composite Bow Drop From an Enemy

54. Cross Bow Drop
Description: Cross Bow Drop From an Enemy

55. Compound Bow Drop
Description: Compound Bow Drop From an Enemy

56. Defeated Vandoru
Description: Defeat Vandoru

57. Defeated Korthag
Description: Defeat Korthag

58. Defeated Shocknor
Description: Defeat Shocknor

59. Defeated Azgorg
Description: Defeat Azgorg

60. Defeated Kagoru
Description: Defeat Kagoru

61. Kill a Kordul
Description: Kill a Kordul

62. Kill a Sathir
Description: Kill a Sathir

63. Kill a Ortug
Description: Kill a Ortug

64. Kill a Atugor
Description: Kill a Atugor

65. Kill a Dronder
Description: Kill a Dronder

66. Kill a Tungurd
Description: Kill a Tungurd

67. Kill a Cazgur
Description: Kill a Cazgur

68. Kill a Uroth
Description: Kill a Uroth

69. Kill a Fazgor
Description: Kill a Fazgor

70. Kill a Farodun
Description: Kill a Farodun

71. Broken Bow
Description: Don't shoot for 20 seconds

72. Dead End
Description: Touch the outside of the stage.

73. Frozen
Description: Don't move for 10 seconds

74. Suicide
Description: Kill yourself on the first wave

75. Collect Light Arrows
Description: Collect Light Arrows in Survival Mode

76. Refil
Description: Buy a health upgrade in the shop

77. Bought 1000 Arrows
Description: Purchase 1000 Arrows

78. Sell Initial Weapon
Description: Sell Your Initial Weapon - Shortbow

79. All Money Collected
Description: All Money Collected - In a single wave

80. Die
Description: Die

81. Spend 101 Gold
Description: Spend 101 Gold

82. Spend 500 Gold
Description: Spend 500 Gold

83. Spend 1000 Gold
Description: Spend 1000 Gold

84. Spend 2000 Gold
Description: Spend 2000 Gold

85. Spend 5000 Gold
Description: Spend 5000 Gold

86. Spend 10000 Gold
Description: Spend 10000 Gold

87. Collect Heavy Arrows
Description: Collect Heavy Arrows in Survival Mode

88. Collect Ice Arrows
Description: Collect Ice Arrows in Survival Mode

89. Collect Fire Arrows
Description: Collect Fire Arrows in Survival Mode

90. Collect Electric Arrows
Description: Collect Electric Arrows in Survival Mode

91. Game Complete, No Bows
Description: Game Completed and don't buy any bows

92. Game Complete with level 2 armor
Description: Game Complete with level 2 armor

93. Score 5,000 in Survival
Description: Score 5,000 in Survival Mode

94. Wave 1 Complete, Untouched
Description: Wave 1 Complete while being untouched

95. Wave Complete, 100% Accuracy
Description: Wave Completed with 100% bow accuracy

96. Game Complete with level 3 armor
Description: Game Complete with level 3 armor

97. Game Complete with level 4 armor
Description: Game Complete with level 4 armor

98. Game Complete with level 5 armor
Description: Game Complete with level 5 armor

99. Game Complete with level 6 armor
Description: Game Complete with level 6 armor

100. All Achievements Complete!
Description: Get every other achievement!

Oh, and I forgot to mention have fun :)

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