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Hero RPG Walkthrough

Hero RPG Walkthrough

1: Nymph Problem
Text: Some of the villagers are troubled by the number of Nymphs in Dreamwood forest, go to Dreamwood and kill 6 Nymphs
To Complete: Go into Dreamwood Forest (South of Dulla) and kill six Nymphs, a very simple and easy quest.
Reward: 20 gold

2: Dusty Dust
Text: The Town is looking for alternative ways to power our Travel Stone. Collect 3 samples of Fairy Dust from the monsters in Dreamwood Forest.
To Complete: The monsters in Dreamwood Forest have a rare chance to drop an item called Fairy Dust, Keep killing Dreamwood monsters until you get three.
Reward: 3 Health Potions

3: Lurkless
Text: For too long has this town had a problem with the Lurks in the Dreamwood Deeps, Let them know we have a new Hero!
To Complete: Past Dreamwood Forest you will find an area with a Travel Stone along with the openings to Leafy Greens and Dreamwood Deeps, go into Dreamwood Deeps and kill 5 Lurks.
Reward: Hearty Hat

4: The Lurk King
Text: Wonderful, the Lurks are now weak! We must use this time to make a final strike against them! Go back to the Dreamwood Deeps and kill the Lurk King!
To Complete: Go back to Dreamwood Deeps and head to the south-east corner of the area to find a lurk with a head-dress on, hes the Lurk King, be careful because he has much more health than his lesser halves.
Reward: 100 gold

The next Quest is in Gunden, which is located north of Leafy Greens

5: Weed Work
Text: Because our town is small we are looking for ways to bring in travelers. There is a special weed called Minx that grows in the Leafy Greens that is very rare. I need you to collect 4 Minxweed from Leafy Greens. You'll need a pair of Garden Goggles.
To Complete: If the Lurk King didn't drop Garden Goggles, you have to purchase them from the Gunden Blacksmith before starting this quest. With the Garden Goggles equiped, go into the Leafy Greens and collect 4 samples of Minx Weed.
Reward: 100 experience points

6: Healing Spree
Text: This Town has a very wise Healer, but because he has no fighting abilities he cannot get any battle experience. Take him into battle and show him 30 Kills, I'm sure you'll find him very useful.
To Complete: This is a fun one, for this quest you have a healer follow you around who heals you when your health is low, making battle fairly easy. The 30 kills can come from anyone, just know that the healer leaves after the quest so have fun with it.
Reward: 3 helpings of Health Potion 2

7: Sacred Land
Text: There is a place north of this Town called Sleeping Meadow. It is a very beautiful place and one which merchants must pass in order to bring trade to our town. However the Fauns that live their do not allow travelers in their sacred land. Thats why we need you.
To Complete: This quest get a little more dirty, just head up north to Sleeping Meadows and kill 20 fauns. Also note that there is a vendor located to the north of Sleeping Meadows - area 2.
Reward: 200 gold

8: Ambush!
Text: Scouts have reported that the 3 Faun Lords are planning an attack on Gunden. Find them in their meeting place and ambush them with all your might!
To Complete: Head north to Sleeping Meadows, then East to the next area, then south to find the 3 Faun Lords, be careful with this and try to fight them individually if you can. They all have pretty good drops too.
Reward: 3 Stat Points

The next Quest is in Tatopolis, which is located North-East of Gunen, past Sleeping Meadows, and North of Oden Coast.

9: M-ralds
Text: The city council is looking for additional resources of M-rald, which is a fairly common gem found in nearby caves.
To Complete: Head back down to Oden Coast and head into the 'Cave' which is located to the right of the Travel Stone. Once inside you will find the 10 M-ralds to be scattered about the cave.
Reward: 200 gold

10: Hordes of Orbs
Text: Now that we have that M-rald, we are looking to get our hands on some samples of Full Orb, which is sometimes droped by elemetals.
To Complete: This quest is proably the most time consuming of the bunch, elementals have a rare chance of droping a Full Orb (rather than the traditional Cracked Orb) Keep killing these annoying lil' enemies until you get 10 full orbs
Reward: 1 Skill Point

11: Milden Camp
Text: Well you've proven to be useful, the Town Elder has been bugging people about getting some old Milden document from the old Milden Camp. Normally everyone is too scared to go out there but you, you're brave right?
To Complete: Head up into the Milden Ruins, which now hold some pretty tough enemies, and then go ahead and take a left into the camp. Behind the 3 enemies you'll find your Milden Document.
Reward: 400 exp

12: Dargon
Text: Ok then, hmm looks like I need to find you a challange, ahh and I know just the thing. Somewhere in Milden dwells Dargon, a half-Nymph of great power. Destroy him and prove your skill.
To Complete: For this one head up north east past Milden ruins until you run into an area with a single enemy, that guy is Dargon and he is pretty tough. Be Ready.
Reward: 500 exp