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Troll Rage Walkthrough

Troll Rage Walkthrough

Main Menu and Savegame
Press “NEW GAME” to start to play the first time, then select the game difficulty: Easy, Medium Hard.
The game will automatically save at the end of each level.
In case you die (Game Over) or you close the game/browser, just press ‘CONTINUE’ on the Main Menu to continue from the beginning of the level you were on.
In the OPTIONS menu you may switch ON and OFF the music and sound, select the volume and the graphic quality.

Your blue life bar indicates Troll’s level of health. The more you are hit, the more you lose life points. Trolls naturally regenerates slowly his health. You may recover faster your character’s health by eating your enemies laying on the ground (dead or …alive when stunned!).

The stomach indicator is filled up when you eat your victims. The bigger and stronger is the enemy you eat, the more it fulfills your stomach.
Troll’s stomach has 3 level of capacity. Each filled stomach level (blinking red) gives you one vomit attack (spacebar). You may collect up to maximum 3 stomach levels. If you eat too much over the limit the Troll cannot hold the “food” and he vomits automatically.

Your red status bar indicates Troll’s level of Rage. The more you crush, hurl and tear to pieces your enemies, the more you gain rage. You also gain rage (on top of life) when you eat the still-alive enemies stunned on the ground.
When your rage bar is full the Troll becomes a war machine for some seconds (until a burning effect is visible on the character) increasing all damages done he is able to do. While in Rage status the Troll can vomit fire flames from his burning stomach without any limit.
All the benefits of the Rage disappear when the effect finishes, bringing the red bar down to zero.
Enjoy your RAGE!