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Submachine 3 Walkthrough

Submachine 3 Walkthrough

Game FAQ created by Ubertuna

level 1- turn all of the valves
level 2- turn a wheel and go to the room with the coordinates it shows. e.g. if you turn a wheel and it says "45", go to room 4,5 and turn the wheel there.
level 3- this one is hard, each panel has one number that cannot be changed. this number represents the panel that it is on. the other three numbers represent the other three panels and they correspond to their positions. you have to change the other three numbers so that they match the other panels' numbers and positions. this might be a little hard to understand at first, but you'll get it. after the numbers are right, the lights will turn green. then you just have to turn the two handles and you're done.
level 4- this one is easy. find the room with one dot, turn the handle. then find the room with two dots, turn the handle, then the one with 3 dots, etc etc.
level 5- ok, this one is a little confusing. you have to change the letters of the devices so that they match the coordinates of the room, so 1,2 would be A,B and 5,3 would be E,C.
level 6- this level uses the runes found in some of the other games. there is a device in the room -1,0. you want to find the other rooms, which have both numbers and symbols that match the runes on the device. make a note of these. go back to the device at -1,0 and click the first button until it gives you the symbol that matches the room that has the number 1 in it. repeat for the rest of the rooms. click the little button at the bottom after everything is filled in.
level 7- this is one of the trickier levels. first go to room 0,-1 and flip the switch. this should turn on the projector in room 0,1. you may have also noticed that your map at 1,0 is in need of maintenance. bummer. anyway, write down the order of the lines that appear after the projector is up and running. after you have written them down, go to room 1,-1 and click the metal pieces until the green lights resemble the first slash. there should be 5 more room like this to your right. keep adjusting the lights until all of them match the lines from the projector. now you have to go to room 1,1 and turn the valve.
level 8- go right and be very thankful that you have your map back. the main device for this level is in room 0,-1. if you go to the rooms marked on the map you will see oval shapes with red lights on them. go to the device in 0,-1 and change the numbers to match the coordinates of one of these rooms, then click on the bolt on the bottom part of the machine. go back to the room and pull both bolts. rinse and repeat.
level 9- your map panel has been completely torn off this time. ;.(... there should be rooms directly above and below the one that you start in. one has letters, the other has colors. the letters are the first letters of the colors. some of the buttons are black and the letter/colors above them cannot be changed. you have to match the changeable colors with the non-changeable letters and vice versa. after they match, click the button below the array of colors.
level 10- you have a map at 1,0, but there is nothing in any of the rooms that it has marked. there is another map at -1,0. this one is blank. click the squares of the blank map to match the ones of the map at 1,0. after they match, turn the valve at 0,-1.
level 11- ok, welcome to the last level of the game. you will see a note taped to the wall in your starting room. it's from mur. it tells you not to open the passage machine in room 0,0. it says to look for a leaf and take it to the statue in room -12,9. there are two ways to end the game. solve the puzzle and move deeper into the loop or escape the loop.

solving the puzzle- ok, first a layout of the level. there should betwo valves, one at -1,-1 and one at 1,-1. there should also be two panels with letters and numbers (0,-1 and 0,1) and two rooms with three bars of colors (-1,1 and 1,1). The letters correspond to the colors and the numbers correspond to the amount of color in each bar. this is confusing because the three colors on the panels aren't in the same room. if a panel says "rgw-201", find the red color bar and hit click the button below it until there is no color in the bar. then click the button above it twice. do the same thing for all of the colors, then turn both of the valves. before you click the button at 0,0, WRITE THIS DOWN!!!! "syntagma". it is the level code for level 11. click the button and watch the ending.

escaping the loop- look in the rooms adjacent to the starting room for the leaf. it is in a different place every time. go to room -12,9 like mir's note says. you will see a gold pedesal. place the leaf on top of it and watch the ending.

now here are the codes for all of the levels:

I hope you enjoy the game, it took me about two hours to beat the game and another hour to make this walkthrough.