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Submachine 2 Walkthrough

Submachine 2 Walkthrough

Game FAQ created by Ubertuna

there is nothing that you can do in the first room at the moment, so just go left three times. there will be a box and a pedastal of some sorts. open your inventory and place the wisdom gem on the pedestal. click on the pearl that appears on the box. go left again and up the stairs. pick up the gear on the floor. go back over to the gramaphone and place the gear on the peg and then press the button. the annoying white noise will be replaced by creepy music and the distant sound of fog horns. while going to the gramaphone, you might have noticed that stairs had appeared on the previously blank wall. go up them. go right and click on the machine. make a note of the number. it should say 'C=something". go left and up the ladder again. go left into the lower sewer pipe. go to the end of the pipe and pick up the key. go back to the stairs and go up again. go to the right and pick up the fork. the runes that you see are of no importance (that I know of). go back to the ladder, go up, and go left. go up the brown stairs and go right 3 times. pick up a pamphlet and read it if you would like. click on the picture of the lighthouse and keep clicking until you can see the pattern of dots. write it down! go left 4 times and open the left door. there should be a not sticking out of the bookshelf, pick it up. leave the room and use the key you found in the sewers to open the right door. take the sewer key from the hook and head back down to the locked sewer grate. unlock the grate. this is where it gets hard so LISTEN CAREFULLY!!! follow these instructions:

1.after entering the sewer, move left 1, down 1, and right 1. pick up the key.
2.move left one and up one. move left, left, down, down, down, right, up. pick up the note.
3.from the red room, go down, left, up, left, left, left, down, right. solve the puzzle by making every light turn on.
4.go left, down, right, right, up. take the handle.
5.ok, I lost my bearings here. make your way to the sewer entrance and from there go left seven times, down, and then right. pick up the positive coil. that is all that I have found in the sewers, but you might want to search it for secrets while you are there.

ok, make your way out of the sewer, go up the ladder, then up again. go into the passage and attach and flip the switch. make your way to the brown room and go through the metal door. grab the negative coil lying on the floor. go up and use the second floor key on the door. go right and take the diary page from the typewriter, then go right again and take the movie memory from the desk. go through the door to the right and click the green divice. change the dots so that they match the sequence on the lighthouse picture. click the button then takethe lightbulb. go right and take the note from under the pillow. also, make note of the nmber that appears at the bottom of the second diary page. go all the way back to the blue floor and go left. put the lightbulb in the machine, then insert the movie memory. flip the switch, look in the hole, and click the I.D. card. it should fall out of the machine. pick it up. now you have to go all the way back to the grey floor, but skip the door this time. you should go up until you find a ladder attached to a circular thing (that switch that you flipped in the tunnel turned it so that you could climb up). go up the ladder. there will be a switch with two wires attached to it. there is a gap in one of the wires, put the fork in the gap and flip the switch. before going up the ladder that drops down, go left. there will be a device where you can punch in numbers, it has the letter E engraved in it. remember the two number/letter combinations you found? c and m? they were references to einstein's equation of general relativity; E=MxC^2. you want to find E, so take the number you got for C ( for me it was 2) and square it (4). then take the number you have for M (882 for me) and multiply it by C^2 (882x4=3528). type E into the device. if you got it right, the red light above the machine should turn green. go back down and go through the right door. there should be a device the has 4 circles with lines and 4 buttons. your goal is to get all 4 lines in the box in the center. good luck. I could post which buttons move which circles, but that would ruin the fun :D after you finish with that, go back to the middle room and go up the ladder. go up until the walls slant. there are passages on either side. the right one finally gives you a place to use those coils! put the coils in their corresponding tubes. the left passage is a dead end. continue up the ladder. take the portal note off of the wall and read it, then go right and get the digout key (remember that patch that had been cut out of the wall on the brown floor?). go all the way back to the brown floor and go to the far left. use the key on the lock, then go in. keep on going until you get to the main room. take the fuse and go back up to the portal room. put the fuse in the slot to the right of the portal and the ID card in the slot to the left of the portal. flip the portal switch and enjoy the ending! I might be posting locations for the secrets, once I find them all.

Hope it was helpful!