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Parachute Retro Walkthrough

Parachute Retro Walkthrough

Game FAQ created by Carlie

Level 5 – Sticky clouds moving across the screen
Level 10 - Spikes in the middle
Level 15 – Rockets propelled from the ground
Level 20 – Helicopter spewing enlarging gas, makes you an easier target. Oh yea, the helicopter itself will kill you too.
Level 25 – More spikes!
Level 30 – Electric detonators, kills you if your man is in the air
Level 35 – Truck laser, tries to get you as you fall into the truck
Level 40 – Fan, likes to blow you into other elements of doom
Level 45 – Spinning blade, he follows you around the screen
Level 50 – Boss level!

I won’t tell you what happens after the boss, I will let you figure that out yourselves! But don’t be fooled by how easy he is at first
it gets ridiculously hard very soon.

Strategy: A good strategy for this game is to stay on one side of the screen or the other. If you move around a lot you will tend to get your timing messed up and lose a lot of men that way. But if you stay at the same spot, you can time it better. If you go on the right side, you can avoid the rockets, but won’t be able to tell when the helicopter or clouds are coming. This will likely result in deaths. The left side you can time around those elements, and you only have to contend with the rockets.

Good luck!