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Sixty Seconds To Live Walkthrough

Sixty Seconds To Live Walkthrough

You have just sixty seconds to solve your own murder in this short dark adventure game. You've got nothing to lose so gamble your last seconds for the chance to find out who killed you.
Note: Only use this walkthrough when you are really stuck. Don't ruin the game for yourself!

The letter

Click the lip of the envelope to open it.
Click and drag the letter to slide it out of the envelope.
Click the piece of paper to unfold it.
Click and drag from the left edge of the paper towards the right. The note will flip over so you can read the other side.
Click and drag the note towards the top of the screen. You have to move it several times so that you get right to the bottom. On your first run through, you should read the note. After that, you need to rush through this bit or you'll run out of time later.

Your cell

Click on either of the photos on the left hand wall of your cell.
When looking at either photo, click and hold the pushpin that holds it to the wall. Keep holding it until the pin comes out.
Click the lock on the cell door to get a close-up view.
Click and hold on the small brass pin inside the lock. As it moves around, keep the mouse over it. If you slip off, release the mouse and try again.
Once the lock is picked, click and drag the bars all the way to the left to open the cell.

The corridor

There's a few bonus items in the corridor, but all you actually need to do is click the door handle on the right to continue.

Means, motive and opportunity

The means to your murder was contact poison. It's on the desk in the guard's room. Just click it to collect the evidence.
See the wallet under the desk in the guard room? Click and drag it out into the room.
Click the wallet after you've found it to look at a close-up.
Click on the popper on the wallet's strap to open it.
Click on the driving license in the wallet to determine that it belongs to the guard.
Click on Maria's photo in the wallet. It seems she's the guard's girl. How were you to know?
Click near the bottom of the screen to go back to the guard's room.
Click on the TV and video in the guard's room to view a close-up.
The security tape is at the end because it has been recording. Click the rewind button to go back to the start.
You could sit and watch the security footage start to finish, but you don't have time for that. You're dying remember? Click fast-forward three times to skip to the interesting bit and let it fade in.
Click near the bottom of the screen to go back to the guard's room.

Summing up

Click on the window in the guard's room to end the game. As you take your last glimpse of the outside world, you sum up how you've done. If you've found means, motive and opportunity then you'll have solved your murder. If not, you'll just stare at the beautiful vista for your last few seconds.
Going for a highscore? There are bonus points for just about everything you do in every room. Perform as many of them as you can for the best scores.