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PALADIN the game Walkthrough

PALADIN the game Walkthrough

Thank you 'EXRazeBurn' for the walkthrough

General tips:

-Hit and fade (strike while moving backwards, your range is longer than most enemies)

-keep enemies on one side (you get swamped, you die, that's it)

BE PATIENT: Health and Aura regenerate (albeit rather slowly), so hold back and wait for them to refill during lulls, use your potions ONLY when in DIRE NEED. Invaluable during boss battles!

-Archers are a bitch, deal with it.
And by deal I mean either use Aura Shield on their arrows or evade by moving up and down;SPEED stat helps


It's instruction is in the author's notes people. No excuses for inability to use it!

Extremely valuable spell:
-can fly over 'tower wall' in stage 1
-can cross/fly down chasms in stage 2
-and most importantly, one can use the Aura Shield WHILE moving forward.

-Don't put skill points into the Shockwave or Judgement spells, they're useless by comparison to others. Use them on stats.


1st: Zombie Giant
Diff: Easy

-Get up in front of him and use jump attacks, making sure you strike him only at the tip of your sword, as his fists have slightly less range.
-the second you have contact, back pedal while airborne to a safe distance
-wash, rinse, repeat

2nd: Skull King

Make sure you have 'Turn Undead' and 'Power Attack' at decent levels before the battle.
-At the begining, use the 'Turn Undead' spell to kill all the skeletons at once
-when the king comes, you want to get behind him for effective attacks. The best time for this is when he begins his slow sword strike
-Power Attack him to 'death' 9_9

3rd: Demon Priest
Diff: Medium to Hard

-Once you have it down, this guy's really more annoying than hard.
-Power Attack is the only effective way of destroying is demonic shield and health, so you'll have to fill up your mana meter multiple times (use mana potions if you lose patience, but save one health for the next boss).
-His attacks are primarily lunge attacks, but all can be blocked by your Aura Shield.
-Keep your distance walking around the circle, letting yourself get 'partialy' trapped. Use the Aura Shield to block the inevitable attack, then leap over him
-Repeat until you have a fair amount of mana, then start delivering a Power Attack or two before jumping.
-When his shield fails he is briefly powerless. HACK AWAY!

4th: Radiel (1st time)
Diff: Medium

- Use Flight and Aura Shield (having lvl. 4 in both should prevent any significant aura loss during the fight).
-Charge Radiel's position, absorbing either his beam attacks or the first of the two fireballs
-When you're in range, beat the tar out of him (normal sword strikes while airborne are just fine)
-Just take the second fireball and bear it, you're HEALTH stat should be high enough that he can't kill you before you kill him.

5th: Bone Dragon
Diff: HARD

-What really makes this guy a nightmare is that you only have sixty seconds to beat him.
-Both of the strategies I've used worked without a problem on easy, but barely cut the mustard on medium.
-Either start pounding him constantly with Aura Bolts or fly up close (spacebar + direction of dragon ) and Power Attack it's head. It's up to you.
-But most importantly, while you can probably stand up to it's two kick attacks, it's flame WILL wipe you out. Switch to Aura Shield briefly to protect yourself.

6th: Radiel (2nd)
Diff: Medium

-Hope you collected every potion bottle you could find. You must try to avoid his fireballs with up/down movements, but you must bear his beam attacks. Fortunetely he has little health.
-hidden potions BEHIND starting point on this final level. follow the dirt trail backwards.

7th: Kognor
Diff: Medium to Hard

-Deceptively simple. When weak, stay back while moving up and down. His long range fireball attacks will miss you, allowing you time to heal up. When you are ready, get up close and Power Attack him. He has a crippling arm-draining attack, with ONE defense: Use Power Attack the split second after he points his arm at you. It will dissolve, give you a wider opening.
Repeat until done!


Hope that helps folks