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Coil Walkthrough

Coil Walkthrough

Game FAQ created by Shadowghx

In between levels: Make a circle to the left (counter-clockwise) to go to the next portion of the game.

First game: sperm= aim for a given egg and enter said egg.

Second: hover your mouse over a given nucleotide and guide it around to it's like colors. Once done they tend to band back together so move them apart from each other, make them separate and wait to go to the next screen.

Third: Circular motions are key here. The flagellates here are trying to prevent you from going down, thus lure and avoid them. That is, move one direction (move mouse clockwise) and after a few second counter-clockwise to avoid the flagellates. The anemone like creatures do little harm.

Fourth: The mouse is a lead now. Grasp food and bring it to yourself to eat. The brain-like cells are capable of taking food from you, but for the most part do very little to harm you.

Fifth: Cell motor. the left kidney shaped organ turns you to your left. The right to the right. The middle is, what else, a mouth for sucking in food. And the bottom is a motor to go forward facing a certain direction. Thus, look for the tiny bits of food, and swallow them by going over the central organ to vacuum them in.

Sixth: Mouse is lead this time. Aim for the other cell, shooting is automatic. just aim.

Seventh: Counter-balance is the objective of the mouse. You can go to the ceiling but it won't make a difference. Just float around a bit dropping things below. You could leave the game alone for a few minutes and it will complete itself.
(The story explains what is happening in metaphor so you understand what is happening to the cell as it grows.)