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The Unfair Platformer Walkthrough

The Unfair Platformer Walkthrough

Game FAQ created by ExoPolotics8

--Level 1--

1. Climb up Doom Mountain
2. Drop down at the end (there is an box that appears when you jump)
3. Jump over the first 2 boxes
4. Walk under the next message box
5. Don't fall through the holes. The 3rd and 5th boxes are traps and when you jump from the 4th another box appears (jump on that one)
6. Jump through the 2 moving boxes. 2 boxes will appear when you get near the end. Stand on them and wait until the moving boxes go back.
7. The ground right next to the hole will disapear so jump over that onto the boxes

--Level 2--

1. Start off moving right onto the box
2. Move onto the floating platform and jump befor you get to the box as it will disapear and another one will appear to the left of it
3. Jump over the next box
4. Dont stand on the ground it will disapear
5. When you get to the pyramid go down the middle and land on the platform
6. Run along adn get the coins and jump before the grass as it will disapear
7. Dont jump too high at the next part as a guilotine will kill you

--Level 3--

1. Dont bounce of the enemies head until you can land on the top row of boxes. You might have to bounce 3-4 times to get higher
2. Drop down to the platform next to the wall ten jump to the coin areaa and jump on the 3rd coin then the 7th the 11th and then the 16th and then jump to the checkpoint
3. The next part just walk and then just before the end jump

--Level 4--

1. If the button at the start is pushed 2 arrows are shot out so jump over the arrows when the enemy pushes the button
2. Pull the lever (E) then quickly jomp as the weight will drop onto the button
3. Walk past all the weights and go past all the boxes the first one there is another box that will appear
4. Jump up the 1st box immediantly after the arrow has gone past the jump onto the 2nd then 3rd box
5. Jump down to the box that is firing arrows immediantly after it fires an arrow up then quickly jump to the box fire arrows across the ground
6. Go onto the ground and walk across when no arrows are being fired then jump over the box

--Level 5--
1. Run away from the boulder and jump before you get to the boxes as 2 will appear just just before them
2. There are 2 boxes side by side that will disappear
3. Just before the checkpoint there is are 2 boxes that will disappear
4. There are 4 boxes in a square shape that will all disappear
5. When you get to the "stairs" jump on the 2nd, 4th, 6th ect.

--Level 6--

1. Just walk and when you get to the L shaped block walk back so it wont jit you
2. Jump across the moving platforms and then jump to the checkpoint
3. Go on the moving platform and jump over the 2 boxes
4.There is a box that will appear soon just look out for it
5.Just jump the rest of the boxes

--Level 7--

1. Jump on the 2 boxes next to the V shape then jump 4 boxes along and then jump again
2. Just walk and jump over the obstacles while staying out of the way of weights
3. Keep jumping until you get to the higer boxes then jump over the higer boxes
4. Be more careful at this bit just jump the boxes and dodge the weights


You have completed "The Unfair Platformer"