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SUPER TANK Walkthrough

SUPER TANK Walkthrough

1st Level: Move right, no jumping required.

1st Boss: Evade boss and bullets, step on button on floor when it flashes. Repeat twice to kill boss.

2nd Level: Move right until you reach the moving platforms, then up until you reach the cliff. Jump on the small chunk to the right and then jump to the left and you will reach the spike pit. Wait until the left/right moving platform reaches you, then ride it and proceed left.

2nd Boss: Jump over the boss when it comes toward you, this will cause it to lose health after it runs into the spike wall. Repeat 10 times.

3rd Level: Shoot the boulder blocking your way, and then proceed up via the elevator. Kill the eye by shooting the white of the eye 3 times. Only shoot the eye when it is opened. Proceed up after killing the eye and move to the right; kill the birds with 3 shots each and jump the spike pits. Then still going right, jump across the platforms until reaching the boss.

3rd Boss: Shoot the boss while evading its attacks, this will eventually kill it. Watch the boss's red health bar for status.

4th Level: Shoot the walls (using both A and S at the same time is fastest) until they break. Proceed right until reaching the skullbot; you are trapped on that land with the skullbot until you kill him. Shoot him repeatedly to kill him. Proceed right until reaching the dual skullbots. Again, you must kill both of them to continue. Ride the platform right. Above you somebody will be shooting. Jump up and use the S key to kill him, you must do this 3 times. Ride the platform right until reaching the boss.

4th Boss: Repeatedly shoot the boss to kill him, while evading his attacks. Again, you can watch the boss's red health bar for your progress.

5th Level: Go right. You will reach a machine gun; just repeatedly shoot it while spending as little time within its bullets as possible. If you move past the machine gun, it will not turn around, so you can shoot him from behind without getting hurt. Repeat this for the next machine gun to the right. Then, proceed right until you hit a wall. Wait until a platforms moves down to you. Jump on it and wait; do not switch platforms halfway through when another one passes you. When you reach the top, proceed left until you reach the boss.

5th Boss: Repeatedly shoot the boss until it dies, make sure you evade its attacks during. Mind the boss's red health bar for status.