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The Visitor Walkthrough

The Visitor Walkthrough

Game FAQ created by Groudongr

*First, click on the branch hanging out on the tree thats above the water.When it lands in the water click on it and the alien will jump on it.when the alien has gone to the edge of the branch click on the frog.then click on the hole in the click on the stump that the bird was on the fishing rod. now click on the meotor the alien came from. now click on the should jump on the fishing rod. now click on the ring bit of the fishing rod repeating it until he is flung.

Click on the door nob and the cat will hit you back. now click on the apple core and the alien will spit it out cause flies to come and spiders come wich distract the cat. click the door nob again. you will fall click on the cats tail then at the edge of the screen above you theres a shadow of a tree click it you will pull the tree down and distract the cat. run in a mouse hole and see coloured valves, click them in this order:red red yellow. now the bit thats very unpleastent click on the cats bumhole......... nice isnt on the door nob again.:

*In this one BE FAST click the blenders lid then a orange then the blenders lid again. then press the bottom of the blender. The woman will go to turn it off now you turn on the sink open the top draw and the knife above it if she gets a knife through her forehead you have done it click on your alien and press that button next to you until the vent fall off a bit. now click on the light bulb so you swing on top of the fridge . click on the gap on the vent.

Click the vent twice then the click the bird. next click your alien then the pile of clothes. not click the the clothes again click the person on the top bunk beds your alien the bottom bunk bed persons chest. next you have two choices kill the last person or kill the alien.::killing the alien be fast! close the door then click one tap on the bath click the toilet role now click the toilet bit where you sit and flush now get ready. open the cuboard below the sink get out the hair dryer click the plug :SOCKET: now turn on the sink tap click the water in the sink now fastly pick up the gun thats in the cuboard and carry on clicking that gun you should kill it. ::killing the last person. click the toilet role next to the toilet and your done.