9 Lives: A Tap Cats RPG

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Train your Cats to be stronger and learn powerful new abilities. They all start as a soldier but you can turn them into mighty defenders of the world.
Fight with your team of Cats to take down the evil creatures of the world. Defeat lizards, dogs, mice, raccoons, and so much more to keep peace in the world.
Band together with a League of others. Your league can upgrade your headquarters and fight to be the strongest league of cats there is.
Build an army of every unique cat you can imagine. Cats wield the power of magic, strength, skill, intelligence, technology, and so much more to take down their enemies.
Dec 8, 2017


Enlist a wide variety of unique and colorful cat heroes to save the world of cats in 9 Lives: A Tap Cats RPG. Kitty City is in trouble and only you can lead cats to defeat the evildoers and protect the cats!

In this turn based RPG, you’ll have to use the cats’ unique abilities to defeat evildoers as they invade the city! Recruit more cats to join the cause and take on evil to protect Kitty City for years to come.

Bring a unique strategy into battle when you play 9 Lives: A Tap Cats RPG!


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