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  • Conspiracy

    Producer @ Armor Games Studios

    Human WD-40

    Human Fire Extinguisher

    Reese's Cup Fiend

  • DoraDoraBoBora

    Likes old school rock and roll, cats, forcibly telling strangers why Nacho Libre is an underrated classic, and pineapple pizza.

    I'm the official word monkey, whatever-is-needed-er of Armor Games. If you need help with something that the mods or support forum can't provide, please feel free to contact me at dora@armorgames.com, or even just reach out if you want to say hi! I'm here to help, and I'm only a LITTLE lame. Promise!

  • RavePenguin

    What I do:
    I am the help request Penguin. Chances are if you need help with payment questions, your account/password, or anything that you submit via a web form (and some email contacts) I'll be following up with you.

    If I have extra time, I've been known to visit the Support Forum to try and help.

    Please note that I am not in the office on Weekends, so there may be a delay in following up.

    How to contact me:
    For anything account/payment or is times sensitive, instead of posting to my wall (or the forums) I'd like to respectfully ask that you use one of the forms below to contact us. This is where I am focused on the majority of my day.

    Need help?

    Common Solutions - https://armorgames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
    Need Support for your MMO? - http://armorgames.com/mmo-support-links
    General Support - http://armorgames.com/contact

    Thanks for reading!

  • Ferret

    The slinkiest AG denizen. Noble towards the kindhearted, protector of the innocent and slayer of the despicable.

    Have spam? Please flag all spam by using the flag icon. Since I work on many different projects, I likely won't be able to get to your spam in a timely manner. If it's critical, please post it to a moderator.

    Problems? Contact us by E-mail at Support@ArmorGames.com and be sure to include your username and the issue you're having.

  • boppins

    I'm a backend/web programmer for Armor Games.

  • baconandgames

    Just a guy who likes making games and bacon.

  • MrDayCee


    Good day I bid thee! This'ere gallant knight in trewe and loyal service to the Kingdom of Armoria, be member of the Praetorian Guard. As an ever sanguine feeling, jesty and friendly character by nature, I be always eager to aide me yon good folk of the ArmorGames community in any ways.

    Perchance thou hast thee a problem? Best oft check yonder the Support Forum, for'tiswere thou may quickest find thine answers! If thou wishes a direct way, oft simply ye ask me hither at mine profile by means of proclamation or thou send for a message through email. (MrDayCee@armorgames.com)

    Hark now, for thou shallst best take heed to and liveth by the Kingdom's Laws and Biddings to Proclamation as were thee respectable citizens of Armoria. Ne'er shall ye defy nor forswear them as -in truth aye- yon actions shall befall just warning and with persiverance -forsooth- thy will be swiftly acted upon with proper smiting by me sturdy banhammer.

    Getst thine activity up in yonder forums and I shallst see thee anon! Go to! All Hail Armoria! Huzzah! Huzzah! =)

  • lroot

    I'm a web developer and architect living and working in northern Washington.

  • Tasselfoot

    I'm the sponsorship / game guy for ArmorGames. If you want to get your game featured on Armor, please email me at tasselfoot@armorgames.com!

    I also used to make walkthroughs. They're still pretty popular. I also used to run Flash Flash Revolution.

  • Gantic

    The White Rabbit is:
    (b) a HERO.
    (c) a former COMISSIONER of Count to 100.
    (d) a user of Alligator MouthWash
    (e) kinda weird.
    (f) all of the above!
    (g) ________. (Leave a comment below.)

    What most people need to realize is that
    not everyone is the same and that's okay.
    Reaching Out and Touching No One
    Written Nothings
    Lore and Other Things
    Gantic Romantic
    Yesterday and Tomorrow

    Can I be a Moderator?
    What is a Merit?
    What is the best baseball team?

    E-mail me at Gantic at ArmorGames.com for issues with
    • your account
    • the community
    Please include [your username] and [reason for contact] in the Subject of your e-mail.

    General questions can be asked in the comments

Community Moderators

  • Moegreche

    "Whatever has the air of a paradox, and is contrary to the first and most unprejudiced notions of mankind, is often greedily embrac'd by philosophers, as shewing the superiority of their science, which cou'd discover opinions so remote from vulgar conception." - David Hume Treatise of Human Nature Book 1, Part II, Section 1 Also a heart felt thank you to @Blackbeltr0 for my awesome new Armatar! Before you ask, I'm a brain-in-a-vat. If you'd like to discuss scepticism (to which BIVs relate) or any other matters philosophy, feel free to drop me a line!

  • nichodemus

    Huge Arsenal fan. Warhammer 40k nerd. Long time Flash Gamer. History Buff.
    Daily DOTD player. Hit me up if you play it! Always need more friends on DOTD.

    My very old Alt.

    If you want to complain about something, report someone for anything, or are bored, leave a comment.

  • Reton8

  • HahiHa

    Just a good night's sleep, and yesterday's mysteries are today's masteries.

    - The Elder Scrolls motivational message


    Commissioner of the Count to 100! Contest.
    More information can be found here :
    * Complete Set of Rules
    * Discussion Thread
    * Full Scoreboard


    Judicator of the Armor Games Battle Arena.
    More information can be found here :
    * Character Creation Thread
    * Discussion Thread

  • UnleashedUponMankind