Ad Fundum Demo

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Mar 18, 2024


Take control of a giant mech and embark on a riveting dieselpunk adventure in a vast subterranean world. Dig deep, collect minerals, upgrade smartly, unfold ancient secrets, and try not to explode! Will you save the world or vanish in the depths below?

This is the demo of Ad Fundum, a game created with passion and inspired by legends such as Motherload and Dig Dug! It is my first commercial project, and I can assure you that I have put my soul into making this game.

WARNING: Due to technical issues, the web version of Ad Fundum has serious limitations: you cannot save your progress, use gamepads or change the language. To access these features, you can download the demo from Steam:

If you enjoyed the demo, don't forget to wishlist Ad Fundum on Steam! Every wishlist makes a difference, as it will cause Steam to show the game to more potential players!


The game requires mouse and keyboard to play.

Left-click = interact with in-game button
WASD / arrow keys = move, navigate in the menu selection
Left and Right arrow = next / back in the cutscene
Q = skip cutscene, leave a building, pause menu
E / Enter = enter buildings / proceed to a button
Space = go to the next dialogue line / skip typing in the cutscene

Controls can be changed at any time in the settings menu.

The tutorial can be turned ON / OFF in the settings menu.

March 23, 2024

Update 1.4 Demo has been released! New features: - Added support for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese; - Custom difficulty added, allowing you to customize gameplay to your liking; - Ability to cancel mining added; Balance: - Cash bonus added for finding all treasures; - From now on, finding a special upgrade will only unlock it in the Mech Workshop building. If you find a second instance of that same upgrade, you'll receive 50% off its price; - Average time between earthquakes slightly increased. Bug fixes: - Fixed a bug where fuel was consumed too slowly when the "Fuel drain" difficulty option was on. - Treasure names are now displayed correctly in the Collections menu. - Resources piles found during an earthquake will not be collected anymore if the "Mine ore when the storage tank is full" option is off and the storage tank is already full. - The issue with the player getting stuck underground during earthquakes must be fixed now (although it might appear again due to the unstable nature of Unity WebGL builds). - A bug that sometimes prevented explosives from destroying stone has been fixed. - Fixed the glitch where the message said 0/3 blueprints had been found after finding some blueprints.
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