Adventure Box

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Fight in amazing PvP Battle arenas! Fun-filled action with your friends or folks you don’t know. You can also play on your own.
There is a variety of weaponry to use, like Tommy guns and even rocket launchers. You’ll find extra ammo’ in the arena, hopefully before you run out of clips.
Now you’re on the clock. Whoever got the most kills at the end of each turn is the winner. No stress, you see the countdown at the top of your screen.
Make your own battle arena. No mods or prior experience required. There are templates to get you started in no time.
Jun 9, 2017


Battle against other players in unique multiplayer worlds. Design and publish your own games - add creatures, buildings, traps, puzzles, villages and portals.. Then invite other players to explore and fight!

W, A, S, D to move around. Spacebar to jump. Left click or hold down left mouse button to attack. Follow the tips on screen for more information.


Explained in-game

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