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Oct 7, 2021


Amelite is a 2D platformer that will challenge your creativity in this new take on a classic genre. Create your own path as the power of drawing platforms is in YOUR hands.

Find yourself at the bottom of an abandoned and mystical tower, overgrown by dangerous crystals. With the help of a peculiar creature, climb your way to the top through an ever challenging environment, and find your way home. Leap over gaping holes, block incoming projectiles, or wall-jump in tandem with your own walls. Amelite is a game packed with creative challenges, and every player is free to make their own solutions!

This game has been developed for PC, and using a mouse is highly recommended. The game is also compatible with drawing tablets.

This is a demo version of the game, please look forward to the full release of the game. Release date TBA.


Move: A & D
Jump: Spacebar
Draw platforms: Left click and draw
Cancel drawing: Right click
Remove platforms: R

Controls can be changed in settings

December 12, 2021

Hello again! As we are closing in on our planned release of the game, we have made the choice to shorten the version available here to a more easily digestable demo. We are very thankful for everyone who played the game here and hope you will continue to support us for the full release! The release date is yet to be announced, but please look forward to that in the coming future. Thank you and happy holidays! - Sealhorse Studios

December 2, 2021

In this update we added som QoL changes and minor bugfixes.
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