ANYEK - The Keyboard Puzzle

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Jul 14, 2021


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The Unique 3D Typing Platform Puzzle.
Move around the isometric platform to pass to the next level, but instead of using the regular arrow keys, you will have to use the whole keyboard. Solve the puzzle and regain the ability to move with the arrows.

As the main character (REALLY SPECIAL CUBE THAT CAN MOVE) you start the game with the ability to move around with using the arrows keys, but it will look pretty easy, you loses the arrows to move and you are forced to use the letters on the next cells to move around. To pass you must reach the portal that sends you to the next level. KCUL DOOG

The 3D Isometric platform puzzle game will challenge the player to move around by forcing him to use the keyboard letters to move, each cell on the platform will contain (or not) a letter, to move around the player will need to press the letter that is next to him. Some cells won’t contain a letter which will require the player to obtain the arrows to regain the ability to move on unlettered cells.
The game is progressed by short levels that the player needs to pass from the start point to the end point (unique portal).


Keyboard letters and Arrows

July 30, 2021

After a lot of thinking and feedback from you and other players, I decided to add a mode where you can play the game with arrows only, the same rules would apply, but instead of moving with the keyboard you can move only with arrows. The change will be available also on Steam
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