Babel Tower

82 1M
Colorless Ruins
Imposible Ball
Jun 12, 2020


You are building the Tower of Babel, that will reach to the sky!
You have a team of professionals: miners, masons, crafters, lumberjacks, builders, who will help you achieve success in this incremental idle game.

New fun machines are unlocked with every tower floor.

The game was made by Airapport and expands our idle games universe. You are welcome to join the players community in Facebook, Discord and Reddit, as well as to check our mobile games on Google Play and AppStore


Press-and-hold on the screen to mine stone, transfer stone to processing, speed up bricks creation, chop trees, and perform other activities.

Sell part of your resources at the Market to gain money for upgrades. At certain upgrade level the building works by itself, you will be spectating and having fun.

Restarting your tower building gives you Golden Bricks, which boost your tap power, production and increase market prices.

If you are away you are earning time bonus, which can be used to speed up game processes.

Buy special artifacts to boost your progress even further.

December 1, 2020

Winter graphics! Before adding gameplay modifications we are releasing winter graphics pack update with snow, mammoth, sledges, reindeer, winter outfit of the workers, gifts and, of course, Santa Clause! Have fun!

September 22, 2020

Regaining your progress after the restart has been made easier: 1) you money does not turn to 0 every time you restart, but you keep 0.000000001 of it (effectively meaning 1Billion before the restart is 1 coin after it) 2) After restart 0.01% of your money is spent on purchases and upgrades automatically, saving your time on these routine operations

September 13, 2020 - fixes of the Bungee jumper and Gunpowder workshop. Thank you for informing about the bugs!
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