Battle for the Galaxy

86 1M
Endless corporate wars!
Best weaponry in the universe!
Galaxy-sized war for resources.
Who will prevail?
Dec 1, 2016

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Who will win this epic war to determine the fate of the galaxy? Take control of your forces, build bases and fight for your very survival in this real-time military strategy game.

Battle for the Galaxy is a real-time space MMO game in which you have to build your base, create an army, attack enemies, earn medals (if you battle well), and steal enemy resources. The gameplay features futuristic units and buildings and beautiful 3D graphics.


Explained in-game

June 1, 2018

Commanders, Operation Molten Core has started! If you participated in the previous operation, then some of the points you scored were transferred into Operation Molten Core, making it easier for you to get the Rampage Artifact. The operation launch mechanics have also been improved: you can start the Operation whenever you wish during June 1-3! Operation rules: *Double damage for towers and troops *10 building drones *10x faster building *48 hours for the Operation Good luck, commanders! May the strongest win!

May 17, 2018

Operation Total Annihilation will start 18th of May and will last for 48 hours. Many rewards for your main base and Artifact with a Critical Damage chance for the best performers. Get ready to prove your base management skills!

May 3, 2018

Operation Frozen Legacy is starting tomorrow and will last through the weekend! During the Operation you can get 20 prizes including a unique prize “Replication Artifact” that will create a copy of a deploying unit. Remeber, that you have limited time to complete the operation, but you will still get intermediate rewards for participation. Good luck, Commanders!
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